post holiday wish list

Monday, December 27, 2010

We all know, some of the best sales take place after Christmas. It is a time when retailers must move out their fall and winter collections to make room for resort wear and spring collections. I am not the type to shop in advance for seasons, I'll grab a new swim suit when it's actually warm enough to swim, so I love shopping all the left over fall/winter items while I'm still able to wear them. I mean we do have at least 3 months of cold weather left!! I have put together a post holiday wish list of all the items i have not been able to get my hands on this past year and with any luck I'll find them on clearance before 2011!!

1. Lace Tights: I saw a pair on sale for $5.00 at Kohl's, but they were sold out of my size.. the hunt continues.

2. Leather Mini: this item has evaded me for some time (3-4 months exactly) I know i could spend a ton of money and go buy a leather mini at Nordstrom, but being the thrifty girl I am, I want a deal. I saw one at the thrift store in a woman's arms and followed her around the store for about 10 minutes to see if she was going to buy it and she did... bummer.

3. Embellished Blazer: this trend has been around a bit but i still have not found one for myself. I saw a DIY post on how to "bling" out shoes and purses (, perhaps I'll have to apply the technique to an old blazer of mine?

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