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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the ridiculous long wait for this blog post (I assume you've been biting your nails waiting for a new entry, if not, let's pretend).  My husband and I just moved into a new apartment, and it doesn't matter how many times you've moved, it never gets easier. On the bright side, I love my new place and I will post pic's as soon as I get it all organized. Now, on to the goods... I am so excited to share this new outfit with you!! I was thrifting, of course, and came across a brand new Victoria's Secret slip/nightie. Normally I keep a strict rule as to never purchase an item of clothing from a thrift store which may have at one point been taken off by someone else's teeth. TMI? Sorry. This includes, but is not limited to: Bras, Panties, Lingerie and socks  (just because those are gross anyways). However, I felt it necessary to break this rule due to the fact that the tags were still intact. When I saw this little negligee, I did not think of my husband immediately, sorry honey, I thought, "ya know, I could pull this off as a dress." That is exactly what I did!! Total outfit cost: $27.49!!

Brand: Victoria’s Secret
Purchase Price: $5.50
Purchased From: Goodwill of Southern California
Suggested Retail: $48.00

Brand: Forever XX1
Purchase Price: $6.00
Purchased From: Forever XX1 (Pre Christmas Sale)
Suggested Retail: $14.80

Brand: Xhilaration
Purchase Price: $3.00
Purchased From: Target
Suggested Retail: Over $14.00

Brand: Thrifted
Purchase Price: $ 2.99
Purchased From: Goodwill of Southern California
Suggested Retail: Unknown

Brand: Forever XX1
Purchase Price: $10.00
Purchased From: Forever XX1
Suggested Retail: $19.80

What do you think of wearing lingerie as a dress? Do you think I pulled it off? To be honest I felt a little self conscious that people would know, but then I remember what girls wear to the club and immediately felt better :D My only complaint is that the satin is not the most figure flattering. Other than that, this was a super comfy, yet fashionable outfit!!

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Lena said...

You totally pulled it off! I love how creative you are with your pictures. I get exhausted trying to get a good picture standing in my kitchen!

Amber Lena (outfits for sale starting at $10!)

Unknown said...

Thanks Amber!! My pictures would be nothing without my loving father-in-law. He will dedicate hours to pictures for my blog. BTW, love your site, you have such great style sense!!

Maddalena said...

beautiful :D