Caution: Pop Art

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Hump Day Everyone! Today I decided to have a little fun with my photos and give you a little diversity. I love fine art, but one of my favorite eras in art history is when Pop Art arose. It was such a radical time in our nation and really stretched the boundaries of what art is, and what it can be. When I took these styling photos I had no intention of turning them into pop art, but I think they work extremely well with the theme. This outfit only cost me about twenty bucks!! I hope these photos bring you as much joy as they do for me!! Tell me which one is your favorite?

Brand: Apostrophé
Purchase Price: $3.00
Purchased From: Goodwill
Suggested Retail: $18.99

Brand: Forever XX1
Purchase Price: $10.00 (on clearance)
Purchased From: Forever XX1
Suggested Retail: Over $19.80

Brand: Xhilaration
Purchase Price: $2.00
Purchased From: Goodwill
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: H&M
Purchase Price: $4.80
Purchased From: H&M
Suggested Retail: $4.80

Brand: Steve Madden (Most comfortable boots ever)
Purchase Price: Gift
Purchased From: Off Broadway Shoes
Suggested Retail: $150-$200.00

The Original Photographs

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modanista junkie said...

Oooh loving these photos babe!!! You look fab!


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Lisa said...

Cool photos!! Very Gaga!!