Beach Chic

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have been seeing a lot of blog post revolving around sand and the ocean these days and it has made me long for a beach trip. I am embarrassed to say I do not see the ocean very frequently despite the fact that I only live 10 miles away. I love the beach but I hate the 405 fwy, and unfortunately you have to cross it to get there. However it is in my to-do-list for 2011 to visit the ocean more.  Hopefully this is the first of many beach posts. These photos were taken in Playa Del Rey, which is just a few towns south of Santa Monica. Playa is a great beach because there is rarely a crowd and quite a bit of free parking (at least during the week). I am so exited to finally show off my new white pants too!! This little number rang in just under $55. I would love to hear about your beach adventures, please share!!

Brand: Tramp
Purchase Price: $7.99
Purchased From: Marshalls (in 2008)
Suggested Retail: unknown
[White Jeans]
Brand: J Crew
Purchase Price: $7.99
Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
Suggested Retail: $98.00
[Denim Jacket]
Brand: Blue Asphalt
Purchase Price: $5.50
Purchased From: Goodwill
Suggested Retail: $24.80
[Gold Coin Necklace]
Brand: Forever XXI
Purchase Price: $6.80
Purchased From: Forever XXI
Suggested Retail: $6.80

[Rings & Bangles]
Brand: Assortment from H&M/Charlotte Russe
Purchase Price: $12.00 for All

Brand: 99 cents store
Purchase Price: $0.99
Brand: Mossimo
Purchase Price: $12.99
Purchased From: Target
Suggested Retail: $12.99


Anonymous said...

Girly, you must have the best luck ever, you always find fabulous things!! and for super cheap! Lucky, lucky girl. I like reminds me that even though there is a rumor it's supposed to snow, Spring is just around the corner!

Fash Boulevard said...

hey love. i want this outfit. the pants, the top, the sandals, i love it all. you look simply amazing. great post. Don't forget to swing by and check out pics from this weekends photo shoot and catch up on my latest trend report. Also, have you seen Zoe's new baby? Stop by. xoxo

Also follow on twitter for all the latest on celebrity fashion news. Yesterday I broke the Brad getting his own show and Rachel's baby picture before Perez, TMZ, and E news. Yay!

My Heart Blogged said...

Great outfit. My "beach" is lake erie. I still love it though.
My Heart Blogged

Unknown said...

@2anchor, I heard about all the snow warnings back east, hopefully you escape them. I remember when I lived in Chicago and how the calendar said it was spring but there was still snow until May. Hopefully Spring will find you soon!

@fashionblvd. Thank you and I will check it out!

@myheartblogged, I spent three years using Lake Michigan as an ocean substitute, the good news is those great lakes are so big you don't really know the difference. Does lake Erie get packed with people in the Summer?

Lena said...

You look gorgeous! I love the first photo of your cute butt! LOL

Kimberly said...

love your top! great photos!

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the print of your top with the white jeans and the denim jacket. Stylish and relaxed.

Simplyheather said...

Such a nice outfit for the beach :-)