Spring 2011 Fashion Must Haves

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy hump day from sunny Southern California. I'm not bragging to all of you stuck in colder climates, but with all this sun it makes me think of spring in a much more immediate fashion. As the weather warms I realize my closet is lacking some of the things I consider necessary for this season!

1. Coral Colored Hot Pants: I don't even know if they make them in the hue I am imagining, but I if I didn't invision things a that were not available for retail, then who would I be? A few years ago I was totally against colored jeans, but somewhere along the line a switch flipped in my brain. So if you see any of these mysterious hot pants, please let me know!!

2. Stone Embellished Cuff: I love chunky jewelry and I am so excited for all the new jewelry trends happening right now. I Love the bangle cuff shown in the picture and I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a DIY project out of it!!

3. White Blazer: I am the first to admit white is not for everyone, especially white pants, which is why I am opting for a white blazer. I have tried on a plethora of white jeans lately and I am not who the designers had in mind when fashioning them. I will quitely surrenender to the fact that my body type is not suited for light colored jeans and I will joyfully find a white blazer to fulfill my needs!!

4. Denim Button Down: Again, this was not on my top 100 list of things I felt my closet was lack 3 months ago, but recently I decided I need one. I have seen some amazing styling techniques with the denim blouses and it's time I joined the trend!!

5. Floral Dress: As you may have noticed I am not a big pattern or color person. Don't get me wrong I LOVE COLOR, I just don't like color on me per say. I am trying to branch out this season and bring some color and pattern into my wardrobe. I think a floral dress would be a great way to break myself into pattern and color all in one swoop!!

6. Colorful Cocktail Rings: You may not be able to tell by my recent posts, but I am quite the jewelry whore. A few years ago I was so obsessed with chandelier earrings, I had over 100 pairs. My current obsession... cocktail rings!  I really love the bright colored enamel ring shown above. I am bidding on 6 cocktail rings on eBay as we speak, so this is definitely a must have??

What Are Your Spring Must Haves?


Anonymous said...

Hi-I visit your blog from Indiana and came upon it because I love thrifting too. One of my newest recent DIYing involves dyeing thrifted items so I'm wondering if you could create those jeans yourself from a white pair. The RIT dye website has a tool for mixing colors to get exactly what you're after. Just a thought . . .
P.S. Great blog!

Unknown said...

You totally read my mind! I was already thinking of a way to make my idea come to fruition. I bought a pair of white jeans today, now to find the right dye:) what part of Indi are you from? I used to live in Chicago.

My Heart Blogged said...

I'm definitely looking for a pair of red pants, and yellow pants. I might have to dye some white pants yellow though.
My Heart Blogged

modanista junkie said...

I, also want some bright hot pants!! I need to have them for Spring.