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Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi everyone!! I feel like such a terrible blogger lately; I haven't posted in over a week.... eeeks! In my defense I went on a vacation to Scottsdale, AZ for some spring training baseball. A weird fact about me, I love baseball. My husband got me into it when we met, and I love baseball over all other sports (Probably because it is the only one I understand). It was such great weather in AZ, and they have such a great selection of crappy food to eat! (Waffle House and Dunkin' Donuts were the most frequented). However, now that I am back in action I feel bad that I have not posted a new blog entry. I do not have a new outfit post, but I have a fun little exercise if you wanna join in!!

Kylee of 2Anchor sent me some love with a "Stylish Blogger Award"!! Thank you so much Kylee for stopping by and appreciating my 'lil hobby! I really love blogging and I love the people who share the same passions as I do! You guys are all amazing and I feel so blessed to be in the club (or at least I think I'm in the club) :D

The Rules for the blogger award are as follows:
  •  Thank and link back to the person that gave you this award.
  •  Share 7 things about yourself.
  •  Award 7 recently discovered great bloggers. Contact and tell them.

7 Things About Me...

1. I have been going to yard/garage sales with my mom since I was born. Now I have just made the transition to Thrift stores and I don't have to wait until Saturday to shop :)

2.  I have wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 10, I'm still hanging onto the dream!

3. Everyone on my father's side of the family is an artist, I am the only one who is interested in fashion.

4. I opted for a degree in Fashion Marketing because I thought it would be more marketable than Fashion Design. I am pretty sure I made the right decision, even though I don't work in fashion currently.

5. I am planning on pursuing costume design at some point in my life, I think I could be good at it.

6. I have a ridiculously hard time spending over $30 on one single item, including shoes.

7.  As a child my mother instilled a rule in me, "You have to love it, or you can't have it." To this day I live by this motto and if I do not love something I will not allow myself to buy it. I have turned my Husband and friends onto this and for the most part, they abide by it :) It's a good rule and alleviates most buyers remorse.

And now to pass it off...

Since I started blogging (about three months ago), I have found some really great people, who have really great blogs!  If you haven't been to their sites, please check them out!

1. My Heart Blogged by Vanessa
2. Modanista Junkie by Mel
3. Miri's Castle by Miri
4. Kansas Couture by Katy
5. Dirty Hems by Katy
6. Side Walk Ready by Kaylee
7. A Pretty Penny by Keira


My Heart Blogged said...

Sounds like creativity is in your blood. I always wanted to be a designer, and I hope I can at least learn to sew more for myself. Working in fashion would be my ultimate dream. I have a very hard time spending money on things too. I feel like the only thing I spend a lot on is my work shoes, and they never cost more than $40. Thank you for the award!
My Heart Blogged

Lena said...

Girl, you're def in the club! Welcome back to blog-land.

Anonymous said...

I live by the love it rule!!! Although, I love A LOT of things lol!

modanista junkie said...

I, too wanted to be a fashion designer... well I still do hope for one day to have my own jewelry or shoe line. :)

Thanks for tagging me! :)


Kimberly said...

congrats on the award!

Unknown said...

Glad I found you!
I love the flow and images on your blog.