5 Ways to wear a jumper (day 5)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ahhh, finally I am able to make good on my promise of 5 looks! If you were wondering why I flaked out, well.. my camera broke. Sometimes I wonder is technology if actually makes our lives easier or not? After a few days googling, my camera is back in action! Today I am showing my last look in my Jumper series. This look is more fun and would be great to wear out shopping. There are a few things featured today that I just adore, first my hat. That hat I bought at Walmart in 2009 and I love it! I wear it all the time and I have never been able to find another one that fits me so well. The other item(s) I am so in love with is my jewelry! I bought the necklace and earring set from a boutique in East LA. For the last few weeks I have been walking by this boutique and it is never open, so last week I made a point to go in, and I found these lovely gems! The outfit I am sporting today cost $45.97 +tax!!

[Black Jumper]
Brand: unknown
Purchase Price: $4.00
Purchased From: Goodwill
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: At Last
Purchase Price: $7.99
Purchased From: Ross
Suggested Retail: Unknown

Brand: unknown
Purchase Price: $7.99
Purchased From: Walmart
Suggested Retail: $7.99

[Earrings & Necklace]
Brand: unknown
Purchase Price: $20.00
Purchased From: Boutique East LA
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: Madden Girl
Purchase Price: $5.99
Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
Suggested Retail: $30-$40

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My Heart Blogged said...

The fedora really adds a lot of style to this. I like how you made the dress a little more casual, and laid back.
My Heart Blogged