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Saturday, April 9, 2011

A wedding dress is probably the single most important item to a woman on her wedding day. Most women will cut the budget of food, decorations and even the honeymoon in order to attain the perfect gown. I think this behavior is rooted all the way back to childhood, when little girls dreamed of their wedding gowns. Well, lucky for me, I never dreamed about what my wedding dress would look like really, I just assumed when I saw the right one, I would know.

My husband and I were on a super tight budget for our wedding, I mean no wiggle room! Luckily I am super fabulously frugal and we spent under $5,000 for EVERYTHING, but that is another post. My wedding dress was no exception to the rule. Hold on to your socks...... my wedding dress cost $125.00 brand new! I don't exactly recommend this to people, but I  bought my dress on eBay. It looked gorgeous in the pictures so I decided to take a risk. When my dress arrived however, it was about 4 sizes too big so I had to get it altered. This was not super surprising since almost every wedding dress requires altering. Luckily a family friend is a seamstress, and fixed it all up for only a couple hundred bucks. Tailors in LA quoted me upwards of a grand to tailor it! In the end my dress looked pretty darn rocking for how much I paid for it. I think my reservations with it was the body I was hiding under it :D I don't know if I suggest shopping online for a wedding dress, but I always recommend NOT paying full price! Deals are everywhere you've just got to look. If you are interested in more photos from our wedding you can view them @ In the near future I plan on putting together a post about all the ways we saved big bucks on our wedding :) More to look forward to!!

Me and my Momma

Having a good laugh before the nerve kicked in

My Daddy and I


modanista junkie said...

OMG you look amazing!!! Congratulations!! I cannot believe your dress was only $125!! It's unheard of! You sure are a true thrifty chick!!


Unknown said...

Thank You!

Lena said...

Hey Tori! These pictures are awesome! I awarded you the versatile blogger award. :-)

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Anonymous said...

You were a beautiful bride - love your dress & it just goes to show you that it doesn't cost a small fortune to get married. :) Well done, Gill xx