little corner of heaven

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So, I know that it is frowned upon in our society to place too much value on things. There are all those sayings, about how you cant take it with you when you die, and yada yada yada. Well, deep down I do believe that too, but why can't I fully enojy my accessory collection? I used to have a girlfriend who obsessivly did laundry. I asked her 'why she washed her clothes so much,' She said because she loved to fold them and look at them. I kinda feel the same way about my accessories. I want to look at them everyday! The funny thing about all my "things" is that they have little to no dollar value, but my own personal sentimental value is enormous. I love my accessories so much, that I have figured out ways over the years to display them. I used to be very into chandelier earrings, so I found this 3ft by 4 ft window screen and hung all my earrings so I could look at them everyday.  In the past year or so, I have become bored with earrings and I have been collecting a ton of bangles, long necklaces and rings. I now have created a corner completely dedicated to all my accessories, I call it my "little corner of heaven."

Welcome to my corner!

I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to display my necklaces. Then, one day I was in the dollar store and found these accordion type hangers (used for hats). They work pretty well, however I am thinking about painting them.

This little gem is a creation my Dad made me for Christmas. I needed something for my bangles and he invented this little tree for me. Problem is, I'm out of room! The hand is a really cool ring holder I got for Christmas too!

I love this jewelry tower! It was my Husband's grandmas, so I feel very privileged to have it in my possession. It hides gobs of more jewelry :D

This little display is very new to the mix. I have been addicted to the website and there are tons of DIY ideas. I saw this little metal tray at the thrift store and knew I could re-purpose it. It now holds some earrings and cocktail rings.

I would love to hear if anyone shares my passion for displaying their accessories? If you have any DIY ideas. I'd love to hear those too!