Gone Native

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Like many families in America, my family has some Native American blood that runs through it. Although, most ties to native cultures has been lost, my family still maintains a deep respect for the Indian lifestyle. My Grandfather is an painter and a collector of all things Native American. I mean, he makes walking sticks,  Kokopelli dolls,  and pueblo houses amongst many other things. He even travels to Arizona and New Mexico every year to stay with Native American friends. Getting to the point.... I was raised with lots of tribal textiles around, but I  never thought they were very fashionable. Now, however, I am very excited to see all the new Native American textile trends showing up on the runway. I think I have finally found a fashion trend my grandpa and I can both enjoy :D This cost $43.97 + tax.

Brand: Famosa
Purchase Price: $29.99
Purchased From: M~Fasis
    Suggested Retail: $29.99
(I had a gift card though… I rarely buy anything @retail)

Brand: unknown
Purchase Price: $5.99
Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
Suggested Retail: unknown

The purple one, my girlfriend gave to me from her travels in Italy,
And the silver one, I made with beads and twine J

Brand: Aldo
Purchase Price: $7.99
Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
    Suggested Retail: $60-$80
** Also seen in http://mythriftychic.blogspot.com/2011/01/merry-2011.html**


Alyssa - Live. Love. Craft. said...

Hey! I was looking around your blog and I saw that you like DIY projects! You might like my blog {live. love. craft.}, come check it out! And while you're there leave comment or follow me if you like it!

{and you are so cute! I wish I could be that cute daily!!}

dahhlayne said...

Oh man, I loveee your earrings. Can't believe they're from Goodwill, and they totally match your whole tribal-esque look.
It really is a bit amusing how this tribal thing is a trend. It's funny because my friend (who happens to be of Native American heritage) has this really awesome pouch-looking pendant that only people in his family line can wear. His grandfather (or uncle...) actually made them. My friend gets approached from other people to have his grandfather make them a necklace too...but they refuse since it's not what tradition calls them to do.


Stylifiq said...

the print on the dress is lovely.. and those earrings are super awesome :)
yaay for making your own bracelet. I do that too, make my own jewelry :)some of it is posted on my blog. check it out and maybe follow back?

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Beautiful dress & shoes! x hivenn

Jess said...

That dress is beautiful on you! I love the pattern on it! And you leather accessories! You are very talented at styling!!


tessa said...

gorgeous dress :) and i love that your family tries to keep ties with its heritage :)


Lidiya said...

I simply adore your dress - I've always thought the native american culture was super interesting so it must be so cool for you, who is part native american, to see the prints on the runways! And I adore your shoes, they're so cute <3

Megan said...

LOVE those earrings!