Cafe Kitchen and a little DIY

Monday, August 22, 2011

I am a coffee lover! I have at least one cup a day (usually more). Due to this love/addiction of java, I decided to decorate my kitchen in a "cafe" theme. I have  a tiny kitchen, thank you Los Angeles, but I still wanted to give it some personality.  It all started out with a thrifted dining table that needed to be recovered. Follow me long my journey (it's a pretty short one)....

These are the ugly chairs the way I bought them (there are four) The whole dining room set w/the table was $40.00

I started the process by removing the seat bottoms. It was really easy, I just flipped the chairs over and unscrewed the tops with my electric drill

After I took the tops off I roughly measured (I do mean roughly) the fabric then I started stapling away. I am sure there is a much more accurate way to reupholster.. but I was not in the mood for measuring and patience :D

After I was done attaching the fabric I screwed the tops back on and VOILA!!  Not too bad for a first timer! 

I forgot to mention, I bought the fabric in the Garment District for $8/yard. I bought two yards, but I didn't even come close to using all of it! The fabric is called "picasso" which I loved, but my husband actually picked it out!

This is my little dining room! I feel like my reupholstered chairs really helped me achieve that cafe effect I was going for! Some day I will stain the wood, but not any time soon :D

To add to my cafe theme, I grabbed some canvases from Big Lots (they're really cheap there $3-7). I painted a few with various coffee mugs and sayings..

I found this little gem at Costco for $6!!! It's a really comfy foam mat and makes washing the dishes a little more enjoyable.

I found that amazing coffee shaped trivet at the goodwill for $2. I was soooo excited when I found it, it matches perfectly!

My last little detail (for now) are these cute coffee hand towels. My In-laws got them for me from Wal-Mart and they fit my theme :)

I Hope you enjoyed my little Kitchen!! Thank You for stopping by, I'd love to hear what your kitchen theme is?