How to sew yoga pants from a t-shirt

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, I've been wanting to use my new sewing machine but I've been a little scared of it. About a week ago I became very determined to finally take the plunge and thread my first bobbin!! I have been searching the internet, mostly Pinterest to find a good "first timer" project. I finally came across this tutorial of how to make yoga pants from a man's t-shirt. I thought it seemed like an easy enough task. I attempted to follow this tutorial... but it took me a few times to get it right. So, I have put together my own tutorial with a few more detailed steps. It was a really fun first time sewing project for me (even though I went through two t-shirts before I got it right) :D Just a little FYI,  Jersey knit is not an easy fabric to work with so, if you're like me and have never sewn a thing in your life, practice a bit first :)

Here Goes:
 Step 1: 
I started with a Man's XL T-shirt. I have thicker legs so the XL seems to work best for me.

 Step 2: 
I prefer to flip the shirt inside out and then begin by cutting off the sleeves. Try to get as close to the seam as possible and keep everything very symmetrical as well. Put the sleeves to the side because you will need them later.

 Step 3: 
Next, fold the shirt in half, length wise. Again, try to keep everything very symmetrical.

 Step 4: 
You'll want to cut the neck off the t-shirt. You can toss that part, it will not be needed any longer. 
*Note: I prefer to keep the shirt pinned together, because the knit fabric can get unruly*

 Step: 5: 
 After doing this twice before, I decided to iron a crease in the middle of the shirt to make cutting up the center easier.

 Step 6: 
Make a even cut down the middle of the shirt. These will be the legs of your pants so try to make it as uniform as possible.

 Step 7: 
After cutting the center, flip the to sides with the arm holes facing each other. You can begin to see how this process will play out.

 Step 8: 
Take one side and unfold it laying the inside of the shirt down (front side of the shirt facing up). Then take the other side and mirror it on top. You will want both front's facing each other.

 Step 9: 
After you have laid the two pieces together, begin to pin the seams together. It is important for this to line up well. This will be the inseam that runs from front to back, and will murf you if it is crooked. Begin sewing the two pieces together.

 Step 10: 
After you have sewn the "crotch" seam, flip the pants so that you can begin to pin the outside leg seams. Finish sewing the legs, and you are almost done :)

 Step 11: 
Take the sleeves you saved earlier and cut the seam at the bottom of the sleeve. You will then want to cut them into long rectangle shapes. Basically cut the rounded top off.

 Step 12: 
Take the two sleeves and sew them together on the ends to make what will become a waistband.

 Step 13: 
Take the waistband and the legs of the pants and pin them together. Remember to keep everything inside out so when you're done sewing it will all flip right side out.

Step 14: 
In order for me to sew the waistband properly, I put it inside the yoga pant opening and pinned it. Sew the waistband to the pants, but remember to leave an opening, don't sew it closed :)

 Despite the fact, that I hate this picture of my bottom half, I have chosen to share it with the world anyways. Here is the finished product right after I was done sewing them. They do stretch out and look much more flattering. I thought this project was a ton of fun and pretty easy for a beginner. If you have any questions with my directions please feel free to email me. I will assist as much as I can :)!!!

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holy brilliant. loved this. super jelly. thank you so much for sharing. if you get a second I'd love to hear what you think about my latest outfit post. thanks love. xoxo

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I like this blog. I hope you can check out mine soon.

james said...

wow, this is THE coolest thing i have seen all day. Swear!!

Anonymous said...

This is so neat! I really want to take up yoga and this might help kick start it! :) lovely diy!

stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie

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Brilliant! There's nothing more comfortable than a t-shirt so, everything should be made out of t-shirts!

xx Cristina

stylish yoga clothes said...

That is a great idea. I can't believe that I can make a beautiful yoga pants from an old t-shirt. I will going to try this too. Thank you for sharing all the procedure.

Unknown said...

OH my, I cannot Wait to try this!