Suave's New Dry Shampoo Spray

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So, Let me start by saying, I am one oily human. I have been told all my life that my natural olive complexion and my oily skin will slow the aging process... well so far I am not seeing any results of that! All I know, is my oily skin royally screws with my hair. I can take a shower at night and wake up with greasy hair,  yum. In order to keep my hair looking clean all the time I have to shower every morning and then I have to blow dry and/or straighten my hair. That whole routine takes me a little under an hour, not bad, but still obnoxious. Additionally, my hair is a little thrashed from the amount of bleach I've put on it so all the heating tools don't help.

Getting to the point.. I don't like to wash my hair daily (for many reasons) but I can't keep it from getting greasy. I have tried a ton of home remedies that claim to help reduce the oils... either I am doing them wrong, or they suck. I was introduced to dry shampoo a little over a year ago and I fell in love with the concept. You mean I can throw some crap on my hair and walk out the door? Yes, please. In my new found knowledge I began to test quite a few brands and ended up with the TRESemme one. Now, I'm not a big fan of it because I feel like it leaves my hair feeling sticky and matted, but I just try to throw it in a pony and avoid touching it. Then recently, I quit using it altogether and went back to my trusty baby power trick... again, yum.

I saw a commercial for Suave's new dry shampoo and I figured it was worth a try... I'm sold! I found it at Target for under $3. It smells really good, much better than the other methods I've tried and I can still run my fingers through my hair!!! If you are looking for a better way to combat greasy locks, I think this is worth a try!!

I'd love to hear any feed back? How do you cope with hair problems??