How to Make an Apron from a Skirt

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Upon the arrival of my new sewing machine this Summer I have been searching out good patterns for "first timers."  I stumbled across a ton of different patterns for aprons and I thought those would be great first time projects. I bought some cheap fabric and made a simple half apron with ties. I was very proud of myself, however it was pretty boring! I found quite a few patterns for cuter aprons, but they all involve piping and ruffles and pleats... things I have not yet mastered. I am not above trying, I just don't think it is going to happen overnight.

After purchasing quite a few new fabrics and letting them sit on a shelf for weeks, I came up with a novel approach to making aprons. I do not claim to be the first one to think of this but I have not come across this idea in all my DIY searching. I was in the thrift store the other day (go figure) and I saw a really pretty skirt. Of course it was an extra small and there was no way my tush was going to fit into it, but I had an epiphany... why don't I turn skirts into aprons? Genius, Right? You can credit me as the inventor of the skirt apron if you must :D

I have laid out my very simple instructions for turning an old/stained/ill-fitting skirt into  stylish kitchen-wear! (Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas??)

I found this XS Forever 21 Skirt at the Goodwill for $5.99

To Begin the Apron process, I Located the zipper on the inside of the skirt

I cut out the zipper, thus opening the skirt, creating the canvas for the apron

I Pinned each side of the skirt

I sewed a new hem on each side to keep the fabric from frying

Voilá! We're halfway done with the apron!

For the ties, I took some great green fabric I already had and cut strips long enough to wrap
around my waist. Everyone is different so, do a rough measure of yourself before cutting.

My green fabric is pretty thin so I wanted to fold it over to make it more sturdy.
I find that by ironing it is easier to keep together.

Pin both strips of fabric in  half and sew a 1/4 inch seam

The part that makes me crazy, flipping the strips right-side out. I use a pencil to help me push the fabric through. Some fabrics are more stiff than others and can make this process very obnoxious.

After I have flipped the strips and ironed them smooth again, I pin them where I want to attach them.
I make a quick stitch and then cut off the excess.

For the ends of the ties, you can leave them square if you want, but I like mine to be in a triangle.
I just fold over one corner and pin.

I add a quick seam and I'm done with the ties!
I wanted to add a pocket, so I took the same green fabric I used for the ties. I doubled it over and sewed it together to give it more stability. I then pinned it where I wanted it on the skirt and sewed it on three sides. Remember not to sew the top closed :)
*You can make your pocket any size you want, mine is 6" x 7" (just big enough for my iPhone).

The Finished Product!!

And the view from the back :)


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