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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying your Sunday! As for me, I am held captive by a fanatical football crazed Husband. I am trying to blog in between high-fiving him for plays I have zero understanding of. I love him, but I have absolutely no interest in sporting events.....

Today I am using blogging as my escape from Game Day! I swear he is one touch down away from tearing off his shirt and running through the apartment building screaming. If you're the wife/girlfriend of fervid sports fan then please take solace in my post today :D

This look is one I really enjoy. I love the idea of taking something that is meant to be worn one way and putting a new spin on things. I know this H&M dress was not intended to be worn roaming around Silverlake, but I figured throwing on a pair of short boots would add some urban flare. I like that I was able to take what should be a cocktail dress and turn it into fun shopping outfit.

This look cost under $23.00!!


Brand: H&M

Purchase Price: $5.99

Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
Suggested Retail: $39.00

These bangles came from a random Dollar store in Hollywood. I paid $2 for them

Brand: Steve Madden
Purchase Price: $9.99
Purchased From: Goodwill (Los Angeles, CA)
            Suggested Retail: At least $130.00

I actually Made these guitar pick earrings. They used to be a huge trend and I made over a hundred pairs.
Ultimately, I ended up giving most of them away :)

I hope this picture doesn't offend. I thought it was a cool vantage point and you gotta love LA graffiti :D
I bought this ring at a Flea Market for $3


Unknown said...

Wow. Your $23.00 look looks like $2300! Love love love the dress and the flea market ring is adorable.


Flashes of Style said...

Lovee those boots! So cute <3




Marisa Nadine said...

Cute look! I love how you transformed a formal dress (that normally can be worn only a couple times a year) into a look that is so much more wearable! Creative. I'm totally trying this concept! lol.


Jaclyn Trecartin said...

Nice outfit...gotta love flea market rings!

--Jaclyn T
Nature Inspired Jewellery

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Cute dress! =)



wow, amazing dress! it's so chic and it seems to be expensive, I cant believe it is not! you look wonderfully.

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Closet Fashionista said...

What a great dress! :) I love the bow

Danielle Barbe said...

hah! love the ring + graffiti.

oh men and their obsession with football. i go out when the game is on... it's the perfect time. no one is out in the restaurants or shops!

Clara Turbay said...

i like so much what you post. feel free to check out mine and follow me if you really like.


Unknown said...

LOVE those boots! And love a deal! Just came across your blog and it's wonderful, now a follower :)


Ugly Girl Blog said...

I love the boots. This look I must try. Love it!!

Unknown said...

Pretty LBD!

xo Ashleigh


Unknown said...

Those boots are pretty RAD!! and for that price..i'd grab it too..great buy!!

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