Baby, it's gettin' cold outside

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oh how I love fall!!! The last couple weeks has been really nice in Los Angeles and I almost felt like we were having a distinction in seasons (rare here in socal). I have so many winter clothes from living in Chicago and I never get the chance to wear them, hmph! So with the recent cold front I pulled out one of my nice and warm sweaters to show off :) This outfit cost $26!!

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Brand: Kensie
Purchase Price: $5.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (SoCal)
Suggested Retail:$78.00
**P.S. I never make this face but I thought the pic was cute anyways ;)**
Brand: Unknown (cut the tag out b/c it was itchy)
Purchase Price: $4.99
Purchased From: Ross
Suggested Retail: ??
Brand: Joey
Purchase Price: $11.99
Purchased From: Ross
Suggested Retail: unknown, but they are super uncomfortable so I guess I got what I paid for.....
Brand: Hmm... I think Mossimo
Purchase Price: $2.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (central CA)
Suggested Retail: Roughly $8-9
My grandmother gave these to me. She re-purposed the crystal beads from something and made these earrings. Aren't grandmas great!?!


Kasia said...

Cute sweater, and I love these shoes! :)

Tori said...

Beautiful simple color scheme! I am in love with your sweater<3

Clara Turbay said...

i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

Check out mine and let me know what do you think about?

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

Nice outfit! I love the apron you're giving away, but I don't have twitter. Good luck to all those who enter!

--Jaclyn T
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Anonymous said...

loving your blog, keep it up!

Mira said...

Great outfit and love your earrings :)

Arushi Khosla said...

Love those shoes!

maya hough said...

love these photos, especially the earring one. these are great posts.

Angela said...

J'aime beaucoup tes boucles d'oreilles!!!;)

Angela Donava

Valeriya said...

Cool pics!) You r so cute!) xx)

erica marie said...

I love your sweater, that kind of print just makes it feel like the holidays.

xo erica

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comment :) I love your blog and I am your newest follower.

Lola`s clothes said...

beautiful outfit!

RochellekeCloset said...

great outfit, looks great on you :-)

I will now follow you, visit mine and hope you follow too


Sarah Hartley said...

Ooh, I love that sweater. So cute and comfy. I'm really enjoying your blog and am a new follower. Stop by my blog some time and say hi (and follow back if you're interested).

Rona said...

Pretty sweater!

I am a new follower of your blog!

I would love it if you stopped by my blog. I have a jewelry giveaway going on now, this is the link:

Kate Lasater said...

That sweater is the PERFECT topper for the fall/winter season! The pattern is great- it looks great over your tights!

. said...

nice outfit, like your shoes!