fear no eBay

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I do a lot of online shopping and one of my favorite sites is eBay. I often get complimented on things I buy from there.When I tell people where things come from, the reaction I get is a sense of awe and reluctance. I talk to people all the time who say they are nervous about eBay and they would rather pay full price than take the risk. I am here to tell you that shopping at Forever 21 is a bigger risk than shopping on eBay!

I have purchased items like jewelry, shoes, jeans, electronics, accessories and wait for it... even my Wedding dress from eBay. I would consider myself a pretty savvy shopper! I would like to take a moment to dispel any anxiety one may feel when they think about bidding on an eBay item. Let me preface, I am not a spokes person for eBay, I am just a girl who loves a bargain and wants you to share in the fun too!!

Let's begin with Security: In a world full of identity theft and online hackers, we are trained to be weary of entering our credit card information online. It has been my personal experience that eBay when partnered with Paypal has some of the best security measures out there. Paypal is so thorough, they won't even give me information about the paypal account I share with my husband (that is linked to my bank account) without him present. They are annoyingly protective! I think eBay has a few ways you can pay for items, but I always use Paypal because I feel very secure on their site. After buying over a hundred different things on eBay, I have never felt uneasy about identity theft when using their site.

Now that we have the scary part out of the way, I want to talk about another common complaint, Quality. Quality is never a guarantee when shopping anywhere, even in brick and mortar stores! I know that anything I buy online can lack my standards of quality, but that is a stupid reason for me not to even consider it! Most of the items (90%) I buy on ebay are under $10. When you are paying miniscule amounts of cash, you should know you're gonna get what you paid for. I have purcahsed things before that are complete junk, but I only paid $1.50 and free shipping, so nothing is really lost (It's a rare occurrence). I have also been completely satisfied by only paying $2 for things that are totally amazing!  You are always gambling when you buy something you haven't seen with your own eyes, but that is why God created return policies :D

About eBay's Return Policy: Even though each seller has the option to list their own customized return policy, eBay reserves the right to make the final decision. eBay is much more protective of the buyer than the seller. They have a policy called  Buyer Protection, in which buyers are protected and are eligible for a full refund if they are not satisfied with the quality of an item. My husband and I have tried to sell multiple things on eBay and know all too well how a buyer can still get money back even if it is specified "no returns" on the item listing. We have had to refund two buyers their money because they felt our descriptions were inaccurate and they just didn't like the product. I disagreed, but in the end, eBay ruled in their favor and we had to return their money. I was not pleased by the refunds, but as a buyer on eBay, I feel more secure knowing eBay's got my back!

The last thing I want to talk about to hopefully set your mind at ease when shopping eBay, is just being an Educated Consumer. It is your obligation as a consumer to educated yourself on what you buy and where your spend your money. My husband is an electronic junkie! He has a very skilled method to shopping for electronics and I think his method can be applied to purchasing anything online. First, he goes into a store, usually Best Buy or Fry's. He searches for what he wants and checks the quality, brand and price. He then goes home and starts scouring the internet to find out who carries the product and what their costs are. eBay is always his first stop, he searches the brand and model to see if it is any cheaper than in store prices. Nine times out of ten, it is!

I use this method when buying important items, like jeans and fine jewelry. I like to try on designer jeans at Nordstrom and figure out my size because it changes by the brand and then I go on eBay and find used pairs for pennies on the dollar! Very occasionally will something I purchased not fit, but that is what the return policy if for :) I just recently purchased a pre-owned Michael Kors watch from eBay. I went into Macy's and tried on a bunch of styles and narrowed it down to which one I wanted. I then took to the vast market place of eBay and bid on the one I wanted. I won and paid $100 less than what it retails for!! The watch is in great condition and I am so stoked about it!!!

I love eBay and I get such an adrenaline rush when I get a deal on there! I want you to share that same feeling as well :) I hope I have taken some of your fears out of purchasing on eBay, please feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to know anymore secrets to my online shopping addiction :D

Have a Great Day & Happy Bidding!!!

Here are just a few of the wonderful things I have bought on eBay :)