DIY Bookends

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I don't know about ya'll, but I love Pinterest! My girlfriend introduced me to it in May of this year and I think I have spread it like the plague to all my friends. I am always getting tons of ideas on how to DIY things and thus making my already cramped apartment more cluttered (I like to call it eccentric). I recently saw how a lady took garden statues, spray painted them and then used them as bookends. So, I have been on a mission lately to find something relevant to try it out on.

Today, whilst shopping at the Salvation Army I found two really cool 'actual' bookends. They are in the shape of giant chess pieces and I thought they were really cool. They started out a goldish color, which wasn't all that bad, but I was dead set on painting them!

See my journey below :)

P.S. The bookends only cost $5.99 for both and the spay paint was $7.99.... Grand Total of $14!!!

Here is the before. Not so bad, right? But, I was on a painting high :D

The medium I choose. I want to find one with a mirror finish.. perhaps a part II in this saga...
After Coat #1
The final product!
Yay!! My two new Knight bookends! Like my bookshelf needs more things and stuff :D

I am so gosh darn excited about these!!