A little birdie told me...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's no secret that I love to spray paint things. My father is a commercial artist and has used spray paint as a medium since before I was born. I think my urge to spray paint is very deep seated and I shouldn't mess with the natural order of things :D

Today I want to show you my newest little guy. By using the power of a spray can, I have given him a facelift! I found this ceramic figure at the thrift store for $5. At first look, he's pretty ugly and kinda creepy with his one marble eye. I however, saw through his ugly duckling facade and knew he'd look great with a fresh coat of paint! What do you guys think??

The little guy and his "plastic" surgeon

Apparently he's winking at me....

Spray painting in the dark = not exactly recommended

I cleared a space for my new friend in our living room

I just adore this little guy!!