Style Watch Recap

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

As you may know, my favorite magazine happens to be People Style Watch. I know I have mentioned it before, but I get a ton of my fashion advice from that source. I love that they give URL links and tell you about discounts (even if 20% still makes it four grand) :D I know there are a ton of other great fashion magazines, but there is just something about style watch; we have chemistry! In the mail yesterday I got my very last issue of my subscription (eeks... gotta renew) and a ton of stuff caught my eye. If you haven't read the February issue, allow me to recap some of my favorite things in it!!

The first thing that caught my attention was all the pastel colors that will be big in Spring. I especially love this peachy color! I will definitely be on the lookout for garments in this hue!

 I absolutely love these earrings! I love that they are under $40 too!!

When I first saw this watch, I was a little peeved, because a few months ago I was hunting for one of a similar variety and couldn't find any that I liked. I ended up forking out the money for a Michael Kors one (not that I'm disappointed) but I might have to buy one of these just on principal now :D

Not to mention, I really like the other merchandise on, it is very trendy and inexpensive.

So, when I was looking at my magazine I was at the gym. I almost fell off the elliptical when I saw that TOMS is making ballet flats! I want them badly!!

I know the color blocking trend has been around for sometime now, but  I really appreciate how it is transforming. I like the artistic value, I like the bright colors and I especially like how the different shapes add slimming effects! I foresee this trend hanging around until at least Summer.

I am kind of an accessories whore and so I love new trends in this department. A) I love Emma Stone, so I would probably buy anything she wears, but B) I love that color is making a come back in accessories too! Aren't these blue and green gem stones great?

So.. funny story, I was in the Goodwill and picked up a pair of sea foam skinnies the other day. Then, I flipped this page open and realized I am on trend even when I don't mean to be :D Green is one of my favorite colors and I am still digging all the mint tones!

Another Actress I love, Cholë Moretz! I think she is the coolest 14 year old around! I love how color is popping up across all aspects of fashion and beauty. Colored eye liners happen to be a favorite of mine. I have been known from time to time to sport some purple eyeliner!!

Last, but not least, I really liked this spread about delicate jewelry. I am a super fan of statement pieces, but I think an understated necklace can speak even louder volumes. I am looking forward to collecting a few new dainty pieces for myself!


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