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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have lived in Los Angeles for almost 2 years, and I have learned that we only get two seasons here; summer & non-summer. summer runs from March-October and non-summer is the rest of the year. The only real difference I can figure out is that retailers sell a ton of cold weather garments during non-summer and it rains about 5 times in those months. Other than that, L.A. has pretty much a year round season of awesomeness! Now I am not trying to brag, but merely explaining to those of you who may be wondering why on earth am I wearing a sun dress in February?

I feel for all of you fighting the bitter cold and bolstering snow, but her in Southern California its a whopping 70 degrees. I still feel like I'm on vacation on a tropical island, it literally never gets below 60 degrees here, ever! Wait.... I think it snowed for like 8 minutes last year in Burbank.

Amongst other benefits of year round great weather, I am able to blog about any article of clothing I own, except a down jacket... So today I am taking advantage of the non-summer weather and throwing on an old dress. I have had this dress for a few years now and I still get compliments every time I wear it. If you are hunkered up in a cold dark climate right now, I hope my post brings you warmth and hope that your summer is right around the corner :)

I do miss the cold sometimes, but I get over that pretty quickly

The total for this look cost Under $23 bucks!!!

Brand: American Eagle
Purchase Price: $3.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (Visalia, CA)
Suggested Retail:

Brand: The Ritz (Vintage)
Purchase Price: $2.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (L.A.)
Suggested Retail: unknown
**Also Seen Here:**

Brand: Unknown
Purchase Price: $0.99
Purchased From: The Garment District (L.A.)
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: Fornarina
Purchase Price: $14.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (L.A.)
Suggested Retail: At least $140.00


A.HartDance said...

So cute!!

Unknown said...

I love you A. Hart ;)

Kristen said...

having only summer and non-summer sounds amazing, and makes me feel all sorts of envy right now!

Loving your shoes : )

Chandana said...

I know what you mean.. we only have two seasons - extreme summer and summer. lol!
The only downside is you can't really dress in jackets or boots.

You look great! Love the cute dress!


Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

I am totally jealous you get to have great weather all year round but I can't really complain since we've had a pretty good winter this year! We had a 70 degree day this week too!

My best beauty secrets said...

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Grace @ Wrinkled Chiffon said...

Hi, just recently found your blog. Haven't been to LA, but the weather sounds wonderful! I'm living in Malaysia, but originally from the east coast, so lucky I get the tropical climate out here everyday! ;) I would love it if you would check out my blog!
Have a great weekend!
- Grace

Heather said...

I adore your purple heels! So super cute!

Analisa said...

Haha I agree with your post completely :) Weather here is amazing and so is your dress!


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Eva said...

Ah, gorgeous outfit. I'm so jealous of your weather! It's freeeeezing here, I'm piling on layers of clothes and am still cold while I just want to wear a dress and heels like you haha :)

Dress and Dish: Lana said...

Wow. I can't believe those shoes were only 14.99. What steal!

Unknown said...

great finds! love the concept of this blog. always impressed by what can be put together by totally reasonably priced things. you look just darling. love those purple heels! xoxo <3 Lindsey {{}}

Coffee and Cashmere said...

Just found your blog! You are crushing it. I live for my Goodwill endeavors. I find the best stuff there. So happy to find someone showing off their treasures!

Collections said...

This is a great outfit, I love the purple that's throughout the whole outfit.

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Kayla said...

Love those purple shoes! My roommate and I are on the hunt for some purple heels! Good find :)

Seeking Style said...

This dress is such a pretty color - great find from Goodwill!

xo Jennifer

Little Tree Vintage said...

nice shoes!! so cute

Unknown said...

loooooove the dress!! it has an amazing shape and the color looks great on you!