The "vision" {DIY Wall Sconces}

Thursday, February 16, 2012

It is no secret that I love to revamp things I find in thrift stores. I am always lugging in something new that I find, whether it's a vase, a table or new shoes. It's a compulsion to say the least. I have filled our 700 sq. ft. apartment with a million little decor items and just when I think my apartment can't handle anything else, I manage to squeeze one more thing in.

My husband not only rolls his eyes every time I bring something new home, he sometimes is appalled by my "taste." You see, he doesn't possess what I like to call the "vision." It is a very unique skill and I find few actually possess it. The "vision" in my expert opinion is the capacity to see something for it's true potential and not merely what it looks like in its current state. Having vision allows someone to see something that may be considered hideous and be able to visualize all the possibilities. Some women do this with men, I find it is much safer to practice on inanimate objects ;)

Getting to the meat and potatoes of this post.... I was out thrifting a few months ago and found these two giant wall sconces. At that very moment, the "vision" kicked in and I knew I had to have them! I paid only $5.99 for both of them. When I brought them home my husband thought they were the ugliest things I had ever bought. He soon realized after a fresh coat of paint, that he was wrong... again. I think he is learning to never underestimate my "vision."

Here are the ugly duckings before they got revamped. I have to admit they were mighty ghastly.... (P.S. they are upside down for painting purposes)

I used the spray paint for plastic on them. I do not know what material the sconces are made out of, but I think if paint will stick to plastic, it should stick to anything!

After the first coat of paint. I think I ended up doing 3-4 coats just to make sure all the little crevices were fully covered.

The end result! I put them in my bedroom above my night stands.

I am using them as mini book shelves, but they can really hold anything, ie: lights, plants, pictures etc..