Set in Chrome

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I have spoken about Los Angeles street art on occasion, but this most recent piece, takes the cake! I do not know where is came from, what purpose it serves, or what is actually is... but one thing is for sure, it's massively interesting! My husband and I noticed this giant chrome head on a very nondescript corner in Los Angeles (La Brea/4th street). Being the street art junkie I am, I knew I wanted to take some pictures next to this enormous sculpture. I later did a little googling about the head, you can read more here if you like.  Sometimes, I like to plan an outfit based on where I will shoot it, but this one has no rhyme or reason. We were on our way to the market and decided it was time to take some pictures with the head before it disappeared as most street art does. Up in a night and gone just as quickly! Here is to seized opportunities ;)

This outfit cost me .....(drum roll).... UNDER TWENTY BUCKS!!

Brand: Atlantique
Purchase Price: $4.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (LA)
Suggested Retail: unknown

Brand: Hinge
Purchase Price: $5.99
Purchased From: The Goodwill (LA)
Suggested Retail: At least $98.00 Sold @ Nordy's

Brand: Unknown
Purchase Price: Free (it was an even exchange for clothes at Buffalo Exchange)
Purchased From: Buffalo Exchange
Suggested Retail: $26.00

Brand: Charlotte Russe
Purchase Price: $4.00
Purchased From: Charlotte Russe
Suggested Retail: $6.00

Brand: H&M
Purchase Price: $3.99
Purchased From:  The Goodwill (LA)
Suggested Retail:$12.00

Brand: BCBG Paris
Purchase Price: Free (My g/f bought them and didn't want them)
She got them for $20 @ the goodwill too ;)
Suggested Retail: Easily $200.00


Unknown said...

the pics r stunning! u look cute as well

la petite fashionista said...

looks like you have some incredible thriting skills! i'm obsessed with stripes lately!