Style Watch Recap {April 2012}

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back in January I did a post summarizing my favorite things in the latest issue of People Style Watch magazine (my absolute fave). I really wanted to make this type of post more of a regular occurrence, but my subscription expired and it took a while to get back in track, yada, yada, yada... It has been making me crazy to see the magazine on the rack at the grocery store, I have been biting my nails waiting for my copy to come. I finally received the April issue this week. Oh my word! There is so much to talk about! I used to be an "all about fall" kinda gal, but spring is totally inspiring me now! I cannot stand how crazy all the prints and colors are making me! (in a good way) As a self proclaimed artist, I am overjoyed by the amount of "art" that is being seen in fashion. I love, love, love that designers are exploring the entire spectrum of color and I love all the amazingly unique prints.... it's just splendid!  Okay, getting over my "fashion-gasim" onto the magazine!

Wedges: I love a good wedge! My husband thinks they are the ugliest of the high heels, but I think they are the most comfortable, so I win! I also love how bold the wedge is this season. For a girl like me I don't do a lot of flair in my clothing, so I am a sucker for a flashy accessory.

Prints: Prints are just not going away! If you have been avoiding them, you are going to have to succumb eventually ;D I am not big in the florals but I am loving the prints with little birds and horses lately!


White: Notify all the brides, fashion is taking back the color white!! I hate that white is so often associated with wedding gowns. I for one am glad we are seeing it's return to mainstream fashion. I cannot wait to find a great new "LWD" (Little White Dress)!!

Printed Jeans: Okay, I have to be honest, I am not 100% on board with this trend. I actually am not even 20% on board with this trend. I think it will be short lived, so my advice don't spend too much money on a pair of these. They are going to hard for a mass majority to wear, they will only flatter a few body types. I have seen a few discrete prints I might wear, but probably not for this pear shaped gal! There is a caption at the top that says they are slimming... I have to disagree!

Colored Jeans: If you would have asked me what I thought about colored jeans a few years ago, I would have barfed on you, well not really but... you get my sentiments. Somehow, I have softened to them, okay fine, I actually really like them now. I have a pair of purple ones, green ones and I hope to soon have some cobalt ones too. I love the pastel ones in theory... but in reality I'm a little misshapen to wear them. You see light colors aren't exactly slimming, so It's gonna take a miraculous pair of dessert colored jeans to make it into my closet. I am however up for the challenge to find some ;)

Still speaking of colored jeans, I cannot believe Aeropostale carries these colored skinnies for under $25! I am not exactly Aero's target demo, but I might find my way in for a pair at that price!

Cut offs: Umm... yes please! I love me some cut off shorts.... probably due to my trailer park upbringing :D. Last summer I cut off at least three pairs of my jeans and wore them all summer. They weren't exactly in style, but I wore them anyways :) I cannot wait to DIY a few more pairs of my jeans. Hint: it'll probably happen to my colored jeans first!

Lady Like: I was watching the news today and they were discussing Kate Middleton's fashion and her lady like appearance. Well she's a freaking duchess, so she needs to have that persona. The rest of us, well, we can have a little more fun with it. I love Jamie Chung's girly look and I think it can be done in a fancy version or a casual one. I will be working on a post reflecting my version soon ;)

New Online Shop Alert!! Shopsosie, is an online retailer that just hit my radar. It reminds me of Lulu's. It has really cute trendy stuff at very reasonable prices!

Star Style: Miss Michelle Williams is on everyone's radar after her gorge Oscar dress, so it's no surprise that I want her look today too! I have been pining for a white and black blazer for months, and those cobalt  cropped jeans... totally up my alley!

Sweet Deal: I love Style watch Mag for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they share little nuggets of info like this! I love these flats and $40 ain't bad ;) Not to mention has free shipping!

Cut Out Booties: At first look, I wasn't really into these... but I think they are growing on me. I love nude shoes these days, so perhaps I will have to try a pair of these out soon :)

There is so much more that I could have shared, but I didn't want to overwhelm you. I think the April issue is great and has some inspiring ideas! What do you think of the Spring trends thus far??


christine said...

That's awesome. I have the same magazine!!
I love what they have in it...can totally be on the lookout especially at the thrift!!

Angel said...

LOVELOVELOVE that magazine! I've bought 3a pairs of skinny colored jeans, and I got them all at the thrift store. Haven't worn them yet tho. :/

Nhi said...

i loove the wedges & the colored pants:)


sip-n-wear said...

i want the floral pants!

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

I am loving a floral pant! xx

Mary said...

Floral pants are amazing!

Ma petit armoire said...

Me encantan los pantalones con print floral!

Unknown said...

loooved this post, has sooo many good ideaas i can imagine why it is your fav magazine!

Katerina said...

I want it too!!!

Thank you for following my twitter.

Katerina Richie