What's Trending in Thrift: Yellow

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last week I introduced a new segment of {mtc}, called "What's trending in Thrift." Previously, I discussed how shopping at thrift stores doesn't mean you cannot keep up with current trends. The same hold true this week. Lately, the color yellow cannot be ignored. It is in just about every magazine I pick up! This past fall, it was all about mustard, and for spring/summer the hue has been mellowed out. It now appears in banana, lemon, custard and even neon! While shopping at a Goodwill today, I was overwhelmed by how many second hand yellow garments I found! Most of my life I have avoided wearing yellow, but I am kind of digging it this season. What are your thoughts??

P.S. I didn't purchase any of these items. If you live in the LA area and are interested, All of these images were taken at the Goodwill in Stevenson Ranch :)


grlcreative.com.mx said...

loooove yellow!
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Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

I just bought a neon tank top today! Looks like I am right on trend!

christine said...

I definitely agree with you that yellow is everywhere these days, and I can honestly say that I am one of many who is obsessed with this color! I try not to go overboard though and try to check out other colors. ANd...$500 for a chair?? That's just absurd. I can go get a different chair with different upholstery and re-upholster it...ok..maybe..


Unknown said...

I told the Cashier that they were crazy for asking that price :D I think you could reupholster a chair.. you only need two things: a hot glue gun a stapler :D

Jesa said...


Orchid Grey said...

I seriously do not understand Goodwill, it seems really counterintuitave to charge prices like they do. Out of all the thrifts, I think they tend to be the most out of whak, and while that chair is cool, there's no way I would pay $500 for it. This is a great round up though, and I love the idea of a column like this!