What's Trending in Thrift

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I want to start a new segment of {mtc} called "What's Trending in Thrift." Just like regular retail stores, thrift stores see surges of trends as well. Some days when I go to the thrift store, I will see a ton a prints, then other days I will find loads of knits. This segment will feature current trends and how you can still find the 'in' thing at second hand shops.

For my first post of "what's trending in thrift" I want to talk about a little thing called "color blocking." I know I have talked about it in many posts and unless you're living under a rock, you have had to see this trend everywhere! When I went to my local Goodwill today, I was shocked to see so many color blocked garments. Just another reason you don't have to shop retail to stay on trend!

Check out all these very 'in' items I caught a glimpse of today! All of them are under $10.00, I might add!


Tori said...

I would love it if you started a what's trending in thrift segment- so unique & I have a weak spot for trends &thrift shops! P.S. Check out my giveaway!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Really like those orange and tan heels! My Goodwill never has such cute finds!

christine said...

The shoesssss are fabulous!! I haven't seen that at the stores that I've been to..But I'll be definitely on a look-out! Did you purchase any of the items pictured??


Unknown said...

Unfortunately I did not purchase any of these items :( All the shoes were sz 10-11 and the clothes were too big as well. But at least I found some inspiration :)

Unknown said...

What a great idea for a blog series. You should make it a regular post related to trends in the thrift world.

Love these pictures, those first pumps (the orangy and brown ones) are seriously making me want to thrift now!

xo Teresa

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

I fantasize about having a job where I can make kick-ass stylish outfits for people from thrift stores...kinda like What Not To Wear: The Thrift Edition!

christine said...

ahh! That's too bad!
Makes you want to search for similar items that are your size! The thrill of the hunt!