What's Trending in Thrift: Floral

Friday, March 30, 2012

Yay, it's another week of What's trending in Thrift!! Earlier this week I posted a little recap from the April issue of People Style Watch. While flipping through the magazine I discovered gobs and gobs of floral... everywhere!! Crazy thing is, I've also found a ton of floral prints in the thrift stores too! I put together my weekly findings for you :)

I was actually really close to buying the San Souci dress, but I felt it was a little juvenile for my age bracket.. still adorable though. The Love Tease dress would be great for a 14 year old :)

Found this darling Chinese Laundry clutch... but I have no real use for it and I would have loved to buy this blouse, but unfortunately it was not my size :(

I loved these two floral prints most. I would have bought that Top Shop skirt in a heartbeat if it would have been my size. I also loved the watercolor floral print on this unbranded blouse!


Oh Forever 21, you are always so great at staying on trend. This tank is lovely and super cute! The Ann Taylor jacket, while on trend, isn't my fave of the bunch.

I have seen way more floral prints than I am sharing, so keep your eyes peeled next time you're out thrifting, the blossoms are among us!!