{DIY} Printed Wedges

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Inspiration:

Ever since I caught the DIY fever, I look at fashion in a whole different light. Instead of seeing something I love and being bummed that I can't afford it, I think "how can I make it?" I apparently have inspired my mom too, because she is always calling me with new ideas of what I should create. I'm going to be honest, not all her thoughts are winners or even feasible for that matter.... but the one today was all her idea and I am pretty stoked about it.

My mom called me a few weeks ago and pitched her idea on how to transform a boring wedge into one with a cool pattern. Her idea was simple and seemed rather easy to complete. Just glue fabric to the bottom of a wedge.... done.  I immediately saw the simplicity of it and was a little bummed I hadn't thought of it myself ;)

This project was fairly simple as soon as I solved my pattern making problems... follow along below:

I started with a pair of thrifted wedges. I bought them for two reasons, 1) Because they're cute 2) I figured the smoothness of the wooden bottom would be easiest to have fabric adhere to.

I also picked up this gray cheetah print skirt.  I have seen a ton of jeans with this print, so I wanted to make a shoe ;)

My biggest obstacle in covering the shoe was figuring out the dimensions of the bottom. It's wonky and really had me stressed for a bit. I never took pattern making in school... but I have some pretty good critical thinking skills :D. I decided to cover the bottom with masking tape and then peel it off to reveal a pattern :)

Make sure you peel the tape all at once so it comes off in a big sheet

After I made my "pattern" I cut the skirt and laid the tape sticky side down.

I cut around the pattern leaving about a centimeter extra all the way around. I wanted to have a little wiggle room in case the fabric moved. (You can leave more room if you choose, it actually might be easier when cutting the excess later).

I cut two pieces of the fabric using the same pattern. They are the same size, but I took the picture at an angle :/

Next, I just winged it (like usual) I started at the heel and put down some glue (liquid stitch is my glue of choice). I tried to center my fabric as best as possible and then hoped for the best.

I smoothed out each part at I glued so I didn't have any lumps

After the back of the heel was secure I glued down the sides. Notice I did not cover the entire heel with fabric. I was originally going to, but I decided I liked the way it looked only covering part of the heel. Also maker sure you glue the edges really well, that's where the peeling can take place.

After I glued down all the fabric I had a little left over on the top and bottom. I took an X-Acto knife and very carefully cut off the excess.
Here is the End Result!!

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christine said...

great idea!!! So awesome!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Those look great!! You're so crafty and creative!

strike the pose said...

Nicely done!!!


Cate Adriana B. said...

very creative! nice!

Heather, Clearance Couture said...

These turned out so awesome! DIY always amazes me. I'm so lazy. Haha.

Glad you stumbled across my blog! Following you now as well. LOVE finding a new budget blogger. :D

The Style Mogul said...

Very good idea!
xo Christina