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Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday everyone!! Today I am doing things a little different, my husband has written a post he wants to share. It's not fashion related, but it is thrifty and something you can share with the man in your life ;)

"Hello everyone out there. My name is Brett and I'm Tori's husband. As her husband, I can tell you that I love her thrifty nature. I know she is going to shop, because she loves clothes, but because she's budget savvy, she's able to bring home more clothes. Period. Simple math. It's great for her as a blogger, and great for us as a married couple. So when she asked me to contribute a piece for her to demonstrate how her shopping habits have spilled over to me, I thought "Perfect, I have just the post!"

Exibit A: The Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour Driver, 2011 Model

I'm a golfer, and like my wife, I've always been thrifty about it. I have always gone about playing a rich man's sport with a poor man's wallet to the best of my ability. The clubs I play with are an assortment of hand-me-downs, used clubs from eBay, golf shops and friends. I was always as thrifty as I could be so what I looked for was a good quality club, in good shape, but 4-5 years old... So I could afford the model. I would buy clubs that were $500 brand new years later for $30-$50 used. This system worked out ok for a while, but when I demo-ed this driver (Ladies, the driver is the biggest, longest stick in the bag) I fell in love. Uh-Oh. A new model Driver? A $450 price tag?? I had never had new equipment, but I had to have this! So I did what my wife teaches me and hunt down the bargain. After month's of searching (Men will stalk their prey for a long time before the strike) places like Golf Smith, Rodger Dunn, and, um, the rest of the internet, I found a guy on Craigslist who had a post from the beginning of March (2 months ago) that said he had the perfect one for $180! Knowing this was a long shot, I tried the number posted anyway. The post stated that he couldn't hit the Tour Model, and found it harder to sell or get any money back for it because most people didn't want that specific model. I did! I asked him if he'd take $160. He did. Now I have a new golfing buddy out of the process too! One man's trash is another man's treasure, only if you're willing to search for treasure! Tori you are the Master. Thank you Jedi Master."

Aren't we a match made in heaven? Although I'm not a golfer and I know next to nothing about the sport, I can appreciate his frugality! We'll be back to fashion tomorrow, but I hope you enjoyed my little guest blogger :)

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Elle Sees said...

my boss is a big golfer

LoveT. said...

Great Guest Blogger :)

Lovely Greetings!

nanooosh said...

Amazing style and I really love your blog dear !
Followed you and would love if you check my blog too and follow back if you like :)

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