Pay it forward

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello fellow fashion bloggers! I wanted to share a quick little note with anyone who may be interested. My thrifty chic is a blog built on networking. I do not have hundreds of dollars or great connections in order to get noticed in the blogosphere. I started this blog, like many others have, as a hobby. In the last 16 months I have began to see what it could become. I am very interested in spreading the word about being fashion savvy and not breaking the bank trying to do so.

I want to extend an offer to all of my fellow bloggers and let you know that I am always willing to collaborate. I am open to guest posts, wardrobe exchanges, wardrobe/DIY challenges and any other crazy schemes you can think up. I'm not all about putting ads all over my page, but I am all about highlighting other bloggers and sharing your stories.

I have done a couple collaborations with some other bloggers in the past few weeks and it really got me thinking that we should really work together more frequently! I love the friends I have made through blogging and I enjoy working together and coming up with new ideas :) That being said I am very faithful to my brand and I will not agree to do anything that jeopardizes the integrity of my blog or brand and I would never ask any of you to do it either.

If you are interested in working together, please feel free to contact me, my door is always open!!

Here is my most recent collaboration with three very talented fashionistas :) We all did a whole week of posts wearing anything but pants! Thank you to Marissa for putting it all together!!

P.S. All the pictures are linked to their blogs, feel free to stop by and say "hi"

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