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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I go through shopping spurts on eBay. Sometimes I'll buy 25 things in a week and then I won't touch my account for months. Well, you can probably guess I'm on a binge right now. I went searching for God knows what and I found the entire universe in the form of an online auction house. I guess the most enticing thing about eBay is the fact that I can spend under a 5 dollars on over a million things. Let's be honest not all of it is well made... I personally have bought some real junk. I am hoping however my most recent purchases will turn out to meet all my expectations!!! (and if they don't, well, I didn't spend that much money anyhow).

1. Studded Leather Bracelet
Purchase Price: $4.59
eBay Store: Connys Gallery

2. Antique Style Bangle
Purchase Price: $1.52
eBay Store: Bijoux, Beads, & Findings

3. Lucite Bow Bangle
Purchase Price: $2.99
eBay Store: Olivia Love

4. Leather Stud Bracelet
Purchase Price: $1.80
eBay Store: 2011 happyhour87

5. Belt Buckle Ring
Purchase Price: $1.99
eBay Store: bttech158

6. French Saying Pendant
Purchase Price: $1.69
eBay Store: bttech158

Translation: "We have the ability to change history"

7. Geometric Shaped Necklace
Purchase Price: $3.99
eBay Seller: whbml

8. Lace Bandeau
(Bought a black & white one)
Purchase Price: $8.00/each
eBay Store: Boots2Shoes

9. Express Purple Bandeau
Purchase Price: $8.42
eBay Seller: rmn1104

10. Lilu polka dot bandeau
Purchase Price: $5.99
eBay Seller: gabyglenn

11. Stick on Strapless
Purchase Price: $14.52
eBay Store: Own the Party

The grand total on 12 different items is $63.50. Not bad considering I bought 5 bras, 2 necklaces, 4 bracelets and 1 ring :)

Do you shop on eBay? What do you like to buy?

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