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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today I want to share some of my favorite cosmetics I use. I have never been one to swoon over expensive brands, and I certainly won't buy something simply for its label. That being said, cosmetics are one of the areas I will splurge if needed. If something works for me, that's all I care about, here are the things that work for me on a daily basis!!

1. Revlon Color Stay Makeup - $11.99
I have tried A LOT of foundations in my life time! I used to use Bare Minerals and I loved it!! Problem: my skin didn't agree. For 3 years I battled a crazy onset of adult acne and I couldn't figure out why. After loathing my skin for years one doctor suggested I change makeup....duh! Why didn't I think of that? Since I stopped using Bare Mineral makeup (that helped my acne immensely) I have experimented with others, but struggled to find one that would not intensify my oily/acne prone skin. A few months ago I found Revlon's Color Stay makeup and it is one of my favorites. It has an SPF, which I always need and leaves my skin with a soft matte finish.

2. Eco Tools - $9.99
When I was struggling to figure out the cause of my acne, I decided to change the brushed I used. I switched from synthetic to organic. Best decision ever! They are not that much more expensive and they feel so much nicer on my skin!

3. Physician's Formula Mineral Makeup - $8.79
Physician's formula is one of the makeup brands I tried when I first switched from Bare Minerals. My doctor recommend it to me and I have never looked back. Since switching all my makeup 2 years ago, that painful cystic acne has ceased!!

4. e.l.f. Liquid Eye Liner - $1.00
I remember the first time I heard about e.l.f. makeup. I thought it was the coolest thing that almost everything they sold was a buck!! I quickly learned I did not love everything they sold, but I do love their liquid eyeliner! Liquid eye liner has been a staple in my makeup case for years, I prefer it to pencils, hands down! Quite a few people struggle to master the brush, but with my artistic background I manage just fine. The reason e.l.f. is my favorite, is because of the design of the brush. The brush is longer with soft bristles that allows the eyeliner to glide in a straight line. I have tried other brands that have felt tips and they feel more like a marker and I can never get a clean line.

5. L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara - $7.59
I think I have tried just about every brand of mascara and I keep coming back to this one! I do not curl my eyelashes and the only time I've ever worn fake ones, was on my wedding day. Needless to say, I don't like to fuss with my eyelashes much. I like them to appear long and not clumped together, those are my only parameters. I love the plastic wand on the L'Oreal one, it separates each lash and leaves them looking longer!

6. NYX Blush (peach) - $5.90
I'm a big fan a quite a few NYX products, but I especially love this blush. I used to be a bronzer only kinda gal, but I've recently started using blush as well. I love the brightness of the NYX blush, which is nice when I want to do a simple eye and bright lip :)

7.  L-Lysine Lip Ointment - $5.10
Now this one may be a completely foreign object to all of you. A little back story, I've been getting fever blisters my whole life (my mom, brother, sister and cousin also have them), when I was little they were so bad they sometimes reached my nose and down my chin. SO GROSS!! As I got older doctors had expensive creams that only helped them scab over faster, but never made me look any prettier :( I finally found out about a supplement called Lysine in my late teens. It was a pill and I could pop a few when I felt a cold sore coming on. It has been the best discovery of my life!! I now only very rarely get a cold sore and I can usually fight it off. Why does this matter to you, you may ask? Well they also make Lysine in an ointment form, you can buy it at GNC. It is the best chap stick I have ever had! Seriously, nothing beats this stuff! I also use it on any irritated skin, like when the corners of my nose are raw in the winter, it helps immensely. I love this stuff and I use it everyday!

8. Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer - $13.32
Aveeno is another brand I became loyal to after the acne problems. They are more expensive than other drugstore brands, but worth the money in my opinion! I love the clear complexion moisturizer because it has a touch of salicylic acid and doesn't leave my skin greasy. Also, Equate makes a generic brand version of it for a few dollars cheaper :)

9. Victoria's Secret-Love is Heavenly - $42.00
I know this one is not a cosmetic, but I had to tell you about my new favorite perfume! I have always been a "Heavenly" girl and when Victoria Secret came out with the "Halo" and all the other nonsense I was virtually unmoved. I have tried lots of perfumes, but I am always drawn to my staple "Heavenly." I was shocked to find how much I love the new scent "Love is Heavenly," It smells so GOOD!! It is sweet and citrusy and perfect for summer!

10. Basis Face Wash -$3.97
My dermatologist told me one time it doesn't matter what brand you put on your face if you're just going to rinse it off. He told me high priced face washes were useless and just a marketing tool. I believe him to an extent. I stopped using my high priced dermalogica and switched to a relatively unknown brand called "Basis." I read about this brand in a magazine and I love the way it makes my face feel. It's a gel but doesn't leave a layer of film. It cost under $5.00 too, which is so great!

11. Maybelline Lipstick "Red Rival" - $5.77
Alright, we have reached the lip rouge segment. Lipstick is my new favorite cosmetic! I never used to be into it, but something has sparked a new interest in me. Although, I have a plethora of lipstick, I have three favorites! Red has been a staple for about a year now. I love wearing red lipstick, it makes me feel sexy ;)

12. Revlon Lipstick "Berry Haute" - $5.99
A couple weeks ago I read about the newest trend in lipstick; purple! At first I was a little scared, but very curious. I immediately went to Target and picked up two different purples to see which on I liked. I was honestly surprised they even sell purple.... who would have thought? I ended up actually really loving one of them. The "Berry Haute" is a tamer version of a fuchsia. You can tell it's purple, but it doesn't make me look like I've been suffocated :D

13. MAC Lipstick "Snob" - $14.00
My third favorite lip color this season is light pink. It has the same effect as a nude but more edgy! It's really nice if you are going for a more natural look, but still want something unexpected!

** Note:  I have linked all of these products to various online retailers, but most of them can also be found at any drugstore**

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c said...

great items!
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Elen said...

I've had the same breakout problems with my makeup. Turns out, I'm very sensitive to magnesium...which is in Bare Minerals and other mainstream mineral makeup. I tried Physician's Formula, but I've never been a fan of mass-produced makeup. Now, I buy magnesium-free mineral makeup on etsy! It feels better than Bare Minerals and Physician's Formula, is locally made, and is cheaper.

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Tori said...

I use that eyeliner too!:) Thanks for your comment on my blog:)

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