Top 5 Self Tanners

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm pretty excited to discuss this next topic: Self Tanner. For whatever reason, sun kissed skin is considered more favorable in our society than pasty white :D. I was blessed with a natural olive complexion and it doesn't take much to get some color. However, I am still extremely concerned with preserving the integrity of my skin and therefore I stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds. I like the idea of self tanners because they are the safest in achieving a healthy glow.

Recently a girlfriend asked if I had any advice about self tanners, and I thought that would be a great topic to address. I then set out to research what are the best sunless tanners on the market today. I want you to know I went all out in the research process. I purchased the top five trending self tanners, so I can tell you how they feel, how quick they dry and how bad they smell :) Please let me know if you have any questions :)

Note: I only tested drug store brands for under $20. I know there are some more luxury brand self tanners, but I'm a budget kind gal and I would never pay $70 for a self tanner... sorry folks

Here are the 5 I tested: 

My Ratings

                My Conclusion:

I like the top three for various reasons. I rated Jergens as number one on my list because of it's accelerated effect. It worked the fastest and didn't smell too bad or leave me feeling greasy. The Banana Boat is number two because I like the spray nozzle, it gave me even coverage and it smelled pretty decent too. Third is L'Oreal's because I love the shimmer effect. It will gradually darken and leave you sparkly. The last two I would never buy, they just didn't appeal to me at all.

Despite my efforts to test all the self tanners for you, the truth is, your skin is different than mine, so what works for me may not work for you. If you are more fair complected I would start with one of the gradual lotions so you can control the color change better.

If you buy one  and end up not liking it, you can usually return it. Rite Aid has a really good return policy. I found out the hard way that Target is really strict. Be sure before you apply tanner all over your body to test a hidden patch of skin first ;) If, you do have a mishap and turn orange.... remember to exfoliate and use baby oil should help get it off :) I hope my assessment has helped, I'd love to hear what your favorite self tanners are!!

              Additional Tips:

I recently read an article in the May issue of InStyle (page 239) about how to perfect a self tan. I am just going to share the most pertinent tips I found :)

1. Go slowly: Focus on building a gradual tan, do not try to achieve a perfect tan overnight.
2. Prep your body: Shower a few hours before & Exfoliate. This will help the self tanner to go on evenly.
3. Moisturize dry spots: Dry spots like elbows and knees will soak up color quicker, so remember to moisturize for even tones.
4. Ask for help: Make sure you have a buddy system to help you cover the hard to reach places

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