Real v. Steal: Fringe t-strap sandals

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fringe, fringe, fringe... I don't know when it rolled into town. I think it came piggy-backing on the 80's neon trend. I hate to admit it, but I really am loving the fringe. My mom used to wear it in the early 90's and even as a kid I made fun of it, so why is it that now I'm adopting it? I must just be a trend whore. I hate to say that because I want to pretend that I am un-phased by trends, but really I love the ever changing world of fashion. I love that something can be out of style one week and then a week later it's gone viral... maybe it's because I get bored easily? Who knows, and at this point I just accept that I love trendy shh-tuff!

Today I am highlighting the cutest fringe t-strap sandals that I found. The "real" are made by Steve Madden and I love me some SM! However I do not like to pay Steve's prices :( I then found a very similar pair for a fraction of the price!! They are adorable and I think I need a pair for myself!

The "Real" can be found at Nordstrom and The "Steal" are from

Notice, the only real difference are the metal detailing on the top, but that's a simple DIY fix!

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