Upcycled Vintage Peplum Dress

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yesterday I posted a dress and mentioned I had up-cycled it. I thought you might be interested in seeing some before and after pictures? First off, let me tell you how this project came to be....

There is a little Mexican restaurant right by my house. On Wednesday nights they have dollar tacos and half price margaritas. Last November, my husband and I decided to cut loose and have a couple margaritas, and you would think at a discounted rate, they'd be weak... wrong. After we were done with our drinks, we went next door to guess what... a Goodwill! Note: inebriated shopping can be challenging.

I was not completely intoxicated but enough, that when I picked up this horrendous taffeta gown, my husband was severely questioning my judgement. I promised him, I had a vision and at $8 I didn't care what he thought, I was taking it home.... and I did.

When I completely regained my whits, I still had a clear vision and I went to work on this 80's nightmare. I ripped a million little threads and scattered beads all over the floor! But, I think it was all worth it, take a look....

Here is the dress originally. Forgive my crappy photos, sometimes when I get really excited about a project I forget to take thorough pics. These were taken half way through the deconstruction phase.

All the sequins were attached to a thin layer of tulle. I had to rip up all the hideous beading and all the tulle.

There was also this really gross rhinestone rope thing in the center of the bow... that had to go too!

Here is the dress minus the bow and all the sequins. I didn't like how long it was, so I shortened the hem a good six inches.

 And... Here is my final version of the dress! After I shortened the hem, reattached the bow and I had to give it a GOOD wash. I don't know where this dress has been stored for the last 2.5 decades but it turned the water a greenish/brown color.... YUCK! After it dried, I steamed all the wrinkles out and I think it looks super modern now! It is seriously one of my favorite DIY's and one of my favorite dresses!

For more pictures, see my previous post here.

What do you think? Did I totally defaced a vintage masterpiece?

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