Fall 2012 Fashion Trends

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fall is closely approaching and soon summer will be over. Fall is my FAVORITE season!! I love fall because it is the best season for fashion in my opinion. The weather begins to cool down, so you are able to start layering. Summer is so hot that often times you just want to throw on a dress. Then in the winter it's so cold you cover up all your goodies with a thick coat. Whereas during fall you are able to lightly layer and let your fashion sense truly shine!!

I have been sneaking a peak at the Fall runways, and I have to admit, I'm a bit underwhelmed. I feel like we've seen everything already, Metallic (which they're just calling "glittered"), Winter Whites, Jewel tones, mixed prints, fur and military inspired. There's nothing wrong with any of these things, I am just a little bored and was hoping for something new. The good news? I can still wear most of my winter clothes from last year!!

I have put together some of the Fall 2012 trends I have found, let me know if I missed anything!!

1. Exaggerated shapes

The Olsen twin's style is finally mainstream! There have been quite a few designers sending models down the runway in coats 8 sizes too big, giant hats and slouchy trousers.

Something to Keep in Mind:
Most designers do not design with a curvy girl or short girl in mind, so be cautious when trying to wear "trendy" items. If you are curvy (like me) I would stay away from the exaggerated silhouettes. The larger your clothing the bigger your body looks. If you've got curves, don't hide them.

2. Suits & Jumpsuits

Did you know that there are more women in high power exec positions than men? It's the era of strong women, and our fashion is screaming it! Every designer seems to have some menswear inspired look in their collections. There is a retro 70's feel to a lot of the suits, especially with all the patterned jumpsuits making a comeback. Whether it be a pant or a jump suit, suits are in!

Something to Keep in Mind:
Structured suits are great for the curvy girl. A fitted jacket will accentuate your waist and a tailored pant will create long lean legs! Jumpsuits are tricky for us shorties, so remember your proportions when wearing them. A belt and a pair of heels will go a long way!

3. Winter Whites

Who says no white pants after Labor Day? We're doing away with that statement, in a big way!! White will be acceptable from head to toe year round until further notice!

Something to Keep in Mind:
Unlike black, white is not the most flattering color on a lot of women. White has the potential to show off all those little blemishes you'd rather not show the world. Be mindful when trying to dress your lower half in white, it's a tricky color to pull off!

4. Rustic American Heritage

This trend confuses me a bit. Harper's Bazaar called it "Women's Hunting & Fishing," and other sources categorize it as menswear. It's not your average menswear inspired look, but I wouldn't categorize it as "hunting" gear either! This look feels very rustic cabin to me. What do you think?

5. Ornate Opulence

It's all about embellishments and old world elegance. It's kinda French Baroque meets Russian Queen meets couture. This trend is all about textures, woven fabrics and really anything that exudes luxury!

Something to Keep in Mind:
This trend can go overboard real quick! I would suggest keeping it simple and only adding one embellished garment at a time. If you have a damask print skirt, wear a plain blouse, and vice versa.

6. Active Duty

Another trend I am not surprised to see is the Military inspired structured jackets and tops. Perhaps it's because the world has been in constant turmoil over terrorist attacks, but it feels like this trend has been lingering around for at least a few years. The cape jacket by Gurung is my favorite!!

7. Liquid Gold

Metallics are usually big in the fall and winter, but Gold is taking center stage. Maybe it has something to do with the Olympics, but designer after designer showed their own golden trophies on the runway for fall.

Something to Keep in Mind:
If you are going to wear gold from head to toe, keep the utmost taste level. This trend can go tacky in .2 seconds! Make sure you don't wear cheap material and that you accessorize minimally. This is a bold trend, don't over do it!

8. Leather & Treated Leather

Leather is a cold weather staple, it rarely ever goes out of style. This season not only are matte leathers in, but waxy, shiny leathers too. You will be seeing patent leather on much more than shoes this season! In addition, leather will not be limited to below the waist, we will see leather tops, dresses & jackets too! It's all about the head-to-toe look this season!

Something to Keep in Mind:
I love leather, but I hate sweating in it! Even the most expensive leather is hot, and the cheaper look-a-likes are worse! When wearing leather, remember the climate, you don't want to be sweating bullets at your cousin's August wedding!

9. Prints upon Patterns

I was not surprised to see prints this fall, after all everything has been covered in floral for months! There is a twist to prints this fall though, cold-blooded reptile prints are in, along with putting every kind of print you can find together. It will take an incredibly strong taste level to be able to pull off more than two prints at a time... who's up for the challenge?

Something to Keep in Mind:
Tread lightly with this trend. If you don't usually wear a lot of print, don't push it now. This trend is for an eccentric individual and if that's not you, just stick to one print at a time.

10. Black & Blue

Navy and Black is definitely the color combo of the season! We've seen brighter blues with black this spring & summer, kinda mixed with the color block trend. However, Navy and Black will be the celebrity couple in seasons to come.

11. Burgundy

Jewel tones are expected in Fall, but this season one very specific hue of red stands out. Burgundy has been seen on a variety of runways and I've even seen some blood stained lip sticks around lately too! Burgundy is not my favorite color but we'll see if I end up in it. Do you think they timed this trend with the Anchorman 2 release?

13. Appliques

These appliques aren't like those iron patches you used to put on your backpack as a kid, these designs are seriously couture. We've seen a variety of cut out and sheer fabrics in the past year, but this Fall we are stepping it up a notch. Check out these gorgeous gowns with lace, beading and sequin appliques. Just a guess... but I'm pretty sure they're out of my price range ;)

Something to Keep in Mind:
This trend really should be reserved for special events. I can't image wearing a floor length lace applique dress to work. I assume retailers will create some ready-to-wear version of this trend, but be mindful of your audience :) Actually who care,s you can never be over dressed, right?

I'm sure these are not the last trends we will see before the New Year. I know there will be other popular trends that will pop up in the next few months. What do you think about these trends? Will you be wearing any of them?

A blogger is only as good as her sources, so here are mine ;)

Harper's Bazaar

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Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I love some of them incl kick ass coats and total blacks. I doubt off-white is good for fall but it still has it right to live.

you have a very interesting blog, following you now, check out mine if you have some time

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Lyosha Varezhkina said...

I talking about bloglovin follow^)

Anonymous said...

The over sized? No, not for me. Although I do love a good cape coat. But not 8 sizes too big. And I know exactly who you're talking about when you mentioned "giant hats". LOL. This fall I am most interested in the textures, the burgundy, and the pantsuit. I am on the lookout for a fabulous skirt or pant in brocade, and I can always use my burgundy. And the pantsuit is another fall must for me. It is very "CEO", but it's just so classic and finding the right one can be super flattering, so I will keep looking. :) <3


Unknown said...

Eh - I'm not too excited overall about these trends for Fall. I don't see myself in much of them, honestly.

Megan, TfDiaries.com said...

love these looks

Xo Megan

Teng said...

Lovely blog :) I would love to see much of your post! May be we could follow each other. Let me know once you followed me in google friend connect and I will follow right back.


feliciamesadieu said...

I completely understand how you feel, when you are expecting more but then are let down by the latest collections. I haven't had the chance to peruse through any of the fall collection, so you just gave me my first peek. I have to say the Balmain collection is gorgeous...and I actually am excited for the gold liquid/"glitter" what we know as metallic. I think it will be a new spin on it this time around...great images!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I can totally get behind burgundy. It is such a pretty and flattering color. I can also get behind Anchorman 2. I can't wait for it to come out.


Bridget Heckman said...

I love the WInter Whites concept, but I can see the stains with rainy weather/snow/mud. The Marios Schwab is very daring. Not so sure about Balenciaga and Creatures of the Wind. Lovin' the navy/black combo and burgundy colors! Going shopping tomorrow and so appreciate this heads up. Thank you!