How to do natural make up for summer

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Now that we are in the thick of summer and temperatures are breaking 100 around the country, the last thing anyone wants to do is cake on make up! I am from the school of thought. that less is more, especially during the warm months. I have put together some of my fresh face make up tips!

Okay, so let's start. Here I am straight out of the shower....

You should start with your normal skin care routine. For example if you have eye cream or spot corrector you can apply that. Also you should always start with sunscreen! Both my moisturizer and my foundation have SPF, so that's acceptable too!

Instead of using a tinted moisturizer, I simply mix my foundation and my moisturizer. I researched tinted moisturizers, but I really didn't find anything I liked for a decent price. Thus, I made my own! I use Revlon Colorstay foundation, it is really good for oily skin (like mine) and I use Aveeno Clear Complexion face lotion. You can use your own favorites though!

I mix the moisturizer and foundation on the back of my hand. I find that the back of your hands are cleaner and are less likely to have bacteria... but that could be absolute nonsense :D

I like to apply my foundation/moisturizer mix with a foundation brush. I used to use my fingers, but the aesthetic told I should use a brush. Brushes, if cleaned regularly carry less bacteria than your fingers. And when you get break outs as often as I do, you want to limit the amount of bacteria on your face!

If you're excessively oily like myself, you may want to finish your foundation with some powder. If you have dry skin though, this step is unnecessary. I use Physician's Formula loose powder, but again that's just my preference. I also use Ecotool brushes, they are wonderful!

After I have applied my foundation and powder, I use a cream blush to bring in some color. I personally use a Jemma Kidd for Target, but that's just because it was on sale :D I only apply the blush to the apples of my cheeks, this gives me a little color without over doing it.

This is another optional step, but one I think really brightens my face. I like to fill in my eyebrows with an angle brush. I like to use an eyeshadow that is slightly darker than my natural brow color. I have thicker eyebrows, but adding even color to them helps make my eyes pop.

I don't like to wear eye make up when it's really hot, It never lasts and I end up smearing it. I do like to use a white eyeliner pencil however to add some highlight to my eyes. I use white liner under my eyebrows and then I use my finger to blend it.

I also add some white to the inner corners of my eyes. Adding white here makes your eyes look wider and more awake. Again, blend it in with your finger.

Then It's time for the mascara. I just starting using Cover Girl and it's pretty good. I like it mostly because it's waterproof. In this crazy summer heat, the last thing you want is mascara getting in your eye, and waterproof mascara keeps it from running.

The final step in my Fresh Face Look is some gloss. I add a little lip gloss (it also doubles as a plumper) and I'm ready to go!

I apologize for the harsh lighting in my bathroom and blemishes (gotta love hormones) :D

What do you think about my tips? Do you change your make up routine when it's hot?

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I find I do have to change my routine in the summer. Not too much because of sweat, but because of skin color and oiliness. I actually use Revlon Photoready and I love it. I've never had a make up foundation that didn't wear off and I've found that throughout sweat, and oil, my make up looks as good 8 hours after I put it on. I love it and I wish I had found it sooner.

I love cream blushes, and I have a cheek stain by Tarte that I use sometimes. But I love powder blushes for the fact that I can build the color better. And it makes my skin feel more matte. I'll definitely use creams if I'm doing tinted moisturizer!

And yes, blemishes. You'd think because I am turning 30 this year, blemishes would be a thing of the past. But no. I can get really bad cystic acne right around mid cycle and through my period. It sucks so bad and I hate it. My face actually looks worse than it is though because of all the red marks left behind. Le sigh. I really hope I can catch an acne break in the next few years!! <3


KT said...

I am feeling you with the hormones and blemishes! I usually blame being around teenagers for eight hours a day, but this summer has been really rough, so I'm blaming my birth control I guess! However, Tori, the good thing about our oily skin is that we will always look younger than we really are!

Megan, said...

so love this -beautifulXo Megan

Clara Turbay said...

perfect make excersice! you did it perfect!

Arina at Pure Natural Makeup said...

Really great tips and I'll definitely try them out. I really love anything to do with natural makeup. I've bookmarked your site for further reference. Thanks again

Natural Cosmetics said...

Great ideas and I loved your pics that went with them. Your ideas were just perfect for the summer!