DIY embellished peter pan collar necklace

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A few weeks ago I mentioned my love for the embellished collar trend. I even made my own with golden pyramid studs. However, that DIY did not satisfy my appetite for an over the top, jeweled out collar necklace.

I decided that I was going to make another embellished collar, but this time I made it independent of any top, that way I could wear it with several different garments.

The Inspiration:

Let's begin! This project is very easy and cost around $15 to make if you don't have all the supplies at home. If you're like me, you already have most of these materials from other crafting projects!

Felt Sheet (the stiff ones, not the soft ones)
Embellishments (rhinestones, pearls, sequins etc...)
Glue (I Love Liquid Stitch)
Hot Glue Gun
Needle & Thread (optional)

To start, I decided to create a template out of paper. To create a symmetrical collar, I folded a piece of blank paper in half and drew one side of my collar. When you cut it and open it up, you end up with two symmetrical sides.

Tip: the first time I did this I did not get it exactly right. You might have to try out a few different templates before you get it perfect. Hence why I used paper first :)

Once you are happy with your paper template, you can lay it on top of your felt sheet and begin cutting. I taped mine down, but it would have been easier to just trace the template and cut it out like that.

And, now you have the foundation for your collar!

Tip: I used black felt, but you can use whatever color you want. Remember a little bit of the felt is going to show through, I think white might be a smarter choice.

Before I started gluing on the rhinestones, I mapped them out a bit. I took the biggest ones and placed them in spots that made the embellishments look balanced. The last thing I wanted was for all my large rhinestones to be clustered in one area.

Then, I just went for it. I started on one side and just began gluing various sized rhinestones and sequins. I used because Liquid Stitch it dries clear and has a very strong hold. You can use hot glue, but it dries more opaque, it's not as strong and you'll probably burn yourself at least 10 times.

Half way done!! I just worked my way from one side to the other, covering my entire collar with embellishments.

Looking pretty darn complete to me!

To attach the ribbon ties, I used the Liquid Stitch at first, however it wouldn't hold. That is the first time my Liquid Stitch has failed me!! The satin ribbon refused to stick to the felt.

This is when I busted out my hot glue gun and hot glued the straps instead. I intended to sew the ribbon on before I started embellishing, but I forgot... whoops.

Tip: In regard to the ribbon ties, I cut them extra long and attached them. Once everything was dry, I tied on the collar and then trimmed the excess ribbon.

The final product!! What do you think? It's a little glitzy for my normal taste, but I actually love it!!

Here is what the ribbon ties look like in the back....

I have to admit, I am pretty proud of myself with this recent DIY. I'm sure there are other DIY's out there, but I did this one from scratch. I love that I can wear this as a necklace with so many different outfits and it will add a totally new element to any look! I think it's eye catching and I think you should make one too!!

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TheTinyHeart said...

It came out AWESOME! I'm not that crafty but this one seems easy enough that I could do it :)

The Tiny Heart
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Anonymous said...

It came out gorgeous! It is very blingy, but I could see it being worn out for a night on the town or date night. It looks pretty and I can't wait to see you style it. I really want to make a few collars from lace. I just need to get my ass to the fabric store. LOL! <3


TDJ said...

This has awesome written all over it! Superb job. I have tons of oxfords in neutrals that could benefit well from this venture. Consider me a new follower :)

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

You're so crafty! I love it!!

SM said...

I relly like the pearl collar on the first picture!

EmandTea said...

Felt! I've been wanting to make a collar for myself, but I never though to use felt. Awesome idea, thanks!


Owen oliver said...

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