Fall 2012 Manicure Trends

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Manicure Trends

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I don't know if you can tell through my posts, but I change my nail polish at least 3 times per week! I love having fun with colors and patters on my nails. I enjoy nail trends almost as much as shoe trends.... almost. Today I have put together a list of the top polish trends for fall 2012. I'm sure you've seen a couple of these already, but here's the whole list!

1. Deep Reds
Red nail polish is a staple in any ladies beauty bag, but this season it's all about the rich deep reds. From burgundy to maroon to dark crimson, it's all acceptable!!

2. Navy Blues
It's all about navy this season! From clothes to accessories to beauty, get your navy on.

3. Shiny Metallics
There are a ton of "metallic" polishes out right now. There are those "magnetic" ones and the "hologram" ones. I am still yet to find an actual chrome polish, when you find one that reflects like a mirror, send it my way :)

4. Pale hues
Soft ivories, pinks and blues have been around since spring, and it appears they will be inducted into fall as well. I personally love the almost nude shades and the vintage whites!

5. French with a Twist
What the heck is this you ask? It's any version of a french manicure, except the traditional kind! Anything but white tips this season! That means mix up any two colors your want and it's French with a twist!

6. Textured/Bold prints
I feel like Sally Hansen kicked off this trend a while ago with their press on nail foils, but the trend has elevated and more and more women are going to the salons and getting unique prints. There are also a ton of tutorials on Pinterest from watercolor, to ombre, to caviar nails.

What fall nail trend are you dying to try?

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