Why I hate the Clarisonic, but you might love it...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Have any of you heard of this revolutionary new tool in skin care, the Clarisonic? Maybe some of you have tried it, and loved it. But this is my story and I am part of the 5% who really shouldn't use it.

My girlfriend first told me about the Clarisonic back in January. She raved about it's miracle cure of clogged pores and dull skin luminosity. I looked it up, but with a $120 price tag, I was not about to rush out and buy it. Then in June, I started a new sponsorship with Skin Care Rx. They are an online retailer with over 80 thousand products! I decided to use the discount they gave me to finally buy myself the Clarisonic. I made sure to read a ton of reviews before I bought it, and an overwhelming amount of women favored the product. There were a small few who said it increased their acne and they didn't see any results, but those were so miniscule in regard to positive reviews.

Thus I bought it, and it came in the mail 4 days later! The first time I used the Clarisonic, I have to admit it was glorious! My skin felt so smooth and bright, I was sure this product was going to cure all my acne woes. When I got the Clarisonic I was in the middle of my cycle and I was experiencing a hormone induced break out.... aren't those fun?!? I used the Clarisonic faithfully every day for three weeks. I took pictures regularly because I wanted to tell all my readers how amazing it was.... but the pictures did not reveal progress. I had a hard time differentiating which ones I took before and after the use of the Clarisonic.

Don't get me wrong the skin where I don't get breakouts looked great, but my cystic acne was flaring up worse than it has in a year.  I decided to quit using the Clarisonic all together, that was a week and a half ago. I'm sad to say, my acne is 100% better without using the Clarisonic. I am really bummed about that too!! I wanted to love this product, especially since I spent so much money on it, and I never do that! I don't think it's a terrible product though, I just think it's not right for me. 

This is my skin type in a nutshell, so If you're like me, the Clarisonic is probably not for you. I suffer from adult acne, which I never had before I turned 24. I have cystic acne which are those giant bumps under the skin that never come to a head and hurt like the dickens. I have what they call "hormonal" acne which gathers around my jaw line. My skin is actually really sensitive too, so any excessive abrasion will break me out too.

On the flip side, if you have relatively healthy skin and you don't have breakouts, I think the Clarisonic would still be great for you. It really does revive luminosity in your skin and exfoliates really well. Again, everyone is different, so what doesn't work for me, might be a Godsend to you ;)

Have you ever tried the Clarisonic or a similar product? Did you like it?

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Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

i bought a clarisonic last september and used it faithfully every day until i realised my skin wasn't really getting any better, if anything it was becoming more sensitive. now i just use it to take makeup off when i'm at home, which is about once or twice a week and i like it much better this way! it hasn't made my skin perfect, but i do feel like it takes all my makeup off and helps products absorb better!

from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

ps. i got your last email! i had marked it as 'read' by accident on my email list and i've only just noticed today! i'll get back to you as soon as i can!

haleygolightly said...

A dermatologist just recommended this to me and made sure to point out that it's an investment and that you need to change the brush every 6 weeks- minimum. Because of the heavy-duty scrubbing, it picks up and harbors bacteria like a motherfucker. Not sure if you have been doing that but if not I'd be curious to see if it makes a difference!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really so sad about that. I find it so sad that I constantly search for anything and everything to take away my "hormonal acne". So glad it has a name. And right along the jaw line. Yep, that's me. But anyway, I was thinking after you bought this, that maybe I should get one too because I'm that desperate. But now. Le sigh. I wonder if one that isn't so "high tech" would work better? Like you said, I'll have to read some reviews. I'm sorry it didn't work for you though. :( <3


Unknown said...

Yeah, I think I will only use it once a week, that seems to be the safest thing for me :)

No Problem on the email, I'm not in a hurry :)

Unknown said...

Haley, I didn't use it long enough to need a change. I did soak it in bleach after week two to "clean" it :D

Unknown said...

Yeah, sorry Toni, I really wish there was an easier way :( I'll just stick with my topical antibiotics I suppose :/

Unknown said...

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Linda B. said...

I bought the Olay version of the brush, it did made my skin soft. however, It make my skin oiler. I had less blackheads, but more white heads. I am really disappointed. I did everything I was supposed to do and cleaned it weekly... After about month, I gave up and I went back to just plain old apricot scrub.