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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First off, let me apologize for the poor image quality. I had to shoot these quickly before my photographer/husband ran off to work this morning. The sun was just coming up over the buildings so there's a lot of back light too. But, I still really love my outfit.

You may not be able to decipher the colors but my dress is back and white striped, and I paired it with a navy blazer, navy belt and then a couple pops of mustard. This dress is my new go-to dress because the print is so versatile and I don't have to wear a bra with it! A few years ago, that concept would have made me so self conscious, but as I am getting closer to my thirties and have given up all hope of my boobs ever "coming in," I am embracing it. I hate wearing bras, I worry I might give them up forever :D

I also have to brag a bit... you see that navy blazer? Well, it's vintage Oscar De La Renta!! I found it at the Goodwill (of course) for under $6! It's a heavier fabric, almost a tweed, so I have been anxiously waiting for the weather to cool off so I could wear it!

To finish off my look, I wanted to bring in a pop of color. I thought my matching shoes and bag would bring the whole look together :)

Total Outfit Cost: $31.96
Estimated Retail: $300.00

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $22.80

brand: Oscar De La Renta
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail:

brand: unknown (I think they're from Urban Outfitters, but tag is worn off)
purchase price: $9.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown

{cross-body bag}
brand: Urban Expressions
purchase price: $7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $42.00
*This bag inspired the title of the post, because if you flip it open the studs form a British flag. I was really digging the UK punk vibe.


If you think Mustard colored shoes are not versatile, think again! This is the third post I've worn them in, and countless other times in my day-to-day life. Which styling is your favorite?

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Style Journey said...

Love this whole look! Adding yellow to an outfit always makes it a happy outfit :)

TheTinyHeart said...

Ahh that blazer was an amazing find! Why can't I ever find anything designer at my GW? Love the pops of yellow against the stripes.

The Tiny Heart
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KT said...

Love love love. Great thrifting with this outfit, and I cannot even begin to tell you how jealous I am that you can go bra-less!

Faith @ The Cheap Girl's Guide to Chic said...

What an AMAZING find! OdlR? Score!!! And it looks so modern!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

LOVE! Love the shoes, love the bag, love the blazer! just love, love, love!!

Jessica Lauren said...

What a cute outfit! Love the pop of color in the bag and the shoes, and what a great thrifted find! Stopping by from the pleated poppy

~*Jessica Lauren @ Copy-Cat-Crafter*~

Gracey the Giant said...

That jacket is an amazing find! It fits you perfectly. And I love that you paired it with black and white and mustard. Great combination and great outfit!

ThriftyGirl51 said...

My favorite for the pumps is the outfit you have on today! So cute and I really love that bag! Lucky find.

JanandJill.com said...

This is so cute and I love how you showed it restyled too and the yellow details are so stylish. You look great!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing find at the Goodwill!! That blazer is perfect and I love navy as a nice alternative to black. Man, I wish I could go braless. I have feeling my B cup will never return. I hate boobs. LOL. <3


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

This outfit is so cute! And where do you go thrifting? You get some amazing stuff!



Southern (California) Belle

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renae said...

Wow, I am not sure if I have commented to you before but I must now. Mustard shoes? o my goodness gracious - they are divine!!!! i love this entire look / ensemble and you look tremendous in it, bra or not. LOL

Unknown said...

great outfit !!

love your dress & the shoes super cute !!

come check out my blog


Bhushavali said...

Love the dress. Really crazy about that studded bag - I want it!!!

The Millers said...

I am loving that dress! What a gem of a find. I am your newest follower, found your blog through the giveaway. Hope you will follow along.


Unknown said...

I love it! The color combination is adorable. I've been on the lookout for shoes like that but in red, and I can't find them anywhere. I found a pair for $13 during a Zara sale, but of course they didn't have my size.

I want your skirt in my closet!
I joined the "market.swap.com" website but haven't had any luck. I'd love to go to an actual in-person event. I never find out about them.

I found your blog through the giveaway too, and I'm really happy I did!

xo from your newest follower,
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Unknown said...

Ok, so sorry about the skirt and swap market comment. That was erroneously copied along with my blog link codes from another comment I made on someone else's blog. Lol. Everything else was directed at you.

Katie said...

love the stripes! blue and yellow are two of my favorite colors together - I'm wearing them today!

The Key To Chic said...

No need to apologize for the lighting, it's actually amazing! What a major find that blazer is! Wow! It's fantastic! Lucky you!!!

Julia said...

Wow this is such an adorable look! You are pretty amazing at finding good deals! And I know what you mean sister, I've pretty much given up hope of boobs ever "coming in" for me either, haha! I really love those yellow pumps, I'm actually quite jealous... goodwill never has cute shoes in my size!!


Unknown said...

Lovely style. The strype and navy blue colors very nautical! :)


Anonymous said...

That blazer is a fantastic find! I love the color combination you have going on here. I really like your yellow shoes, how are they in the comfort department? I've seen them in a lot of colors but I'm always hesitant to order them.

oomph. said...

I love the touch of mustard, and great find on that blazer!hope you are having a wonderful time!!