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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I don't know why they call these "boyfriend jeans" perhaps it's because "fat jeans" wasn't as marketable :D But, no matter what you call them, I am loving this relaxed fit denim trend! I have been searching for a pair of baggy jeans, but I kept finding jeans that were too tight, or way too loose. I finally stumbled upon these babies a couple weeks ago at a Plato's Closet.

I was on my way back to LA from my hometown and stopped in Bakersfield for fuel and a little retail therapy. If you are ever in Bakersfield, you should definitely stop at the Plato's Closet on Ming Ave. I found a brand new F21 leather jacket, These Gap Jeans, 2 bangles, and a wallet for under $40! I am a huge fan of Plato's Closet, I always used to shop there when I liven in Chi, but LA doesn't have any. My point... if you live near a Plato's Closet you should check it out!! You can also consign your clothing if it's in good condition. It's a great way to make some extra cash!

Back to my outfit.... I love these jeans because they are so comfortable! I love that you can wear them with a pair of TOMS or, a pair of heels like I have here. I also had a little moment of clarity and realized how much floral I wear! I never considered myself a flowery type of gal, but in the last year and a half, I've worn a floral print at least 9 times. You can scroll to the bottom to see all my floral ensembles.

Outfit Cost: $65.95

Suggested Retail (guesstimation) $161.74

brand: Gap
purchase price: $12.00
purchased from: Plato's Closet
suggested retail: $69.95

brand: Unknown (from Target though)
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
suggested retail: $24.99

brand: unknown
purchase price: $0.99
purchased from: 99 cents only store
suggested retail: unknown

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $4.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
suggested retail: $18.80

brand: Unknown
purchase price: $5.99
purchased from:
The Goodwill
suggested retail: unknown
brand: Combo from Charlotte Russe & Thrifted
purchase price: $19.00

brand: Brash
purchase price: $16.99
purchased from: Payless Shoe Source
suggested retail: $23.00

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KT said...

Man, I love boyfriend jeans. They are so comfy and relaxed.

I love the combination of the floral, the big pumps, and the distressed jeans :)

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Aw Tori i adore this look! I really love how your BF jeans fit and how you paired them with some bright heels!

renae said...

Yes I will follow you! You know what? I had some shoes almost identical to those in 1972 for my roommates wedding. They divorced after 4 kids and 25 years. I wish I still had those shoes! hahahaha.

renae said...

Are you sure you followed me? I don't seeeeee you????

Unknown said...

I am, I can see it... I even took a screen capture :)

Anonymous said...

I love boyfriend jeans! Besides big ass bell bottoms, boyfriend jeans are my absolute favorite. They are so comfy and once you find the perfect pair, they become your go to jean. :) Love them with the floral and heels. <3


TheTinyHeart said...

The boyfriend jeans are so cute on you! I haven't gotten myself a pair yet...I'm scared they might look too baggy on my petite frame. You got so much good loot at Plato's Closet. I always hear bloggers raving about it but I don't think there's one near me :(

The Tiny Heart
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AubreeNoelle said...

I laughed out loud when reading "fat jeans isn't marketable"
This outfit is perfect; I think those shoes were made for those jeans. Love your blog.

stylewithoutstyle said...

Love your heels! :)

Tori said...

Those heels are awesome!

Alissa said...

Those heels are so killer.

Unknown said...

just picked up "boyfriend" esq jeans from salvation army! I am so excited, they are so hard to find and cost way to much for me! Love the outfit! those jeans were such a great find!

The Simply Kelly said... love with your pink heels !!!!!