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Monday, September 3, 2012

I come from a long line of artists, did you know that? My grandfather is a painter, woodworker, jewelry maker, and pretty much any other medium you can think of, I'm sure he's tried. My father is a commercial artist (which means he paints a lot of logos), he is a muralist, a sculptor and he can probably make anything I could ever imagine.. he's just ingenious. My uncles are artist and my brother is an architect... you get the gist.

So, naturally I have a soft spot for anything handmade. I love that unique one of a kind feel, especially with jewelry! I found a couple of the pieces I'm wearing today at a thrift store and a flea market. I cannot guarantee they are handmade, but I like to pretend they are.

In my next life, I want to be a jewelry maker... or in this one if I get on it soon ;) My entire look cost a whopping $34.50!

brand: Forever 21
purchase price:

brand: Bar III
purchase price: $6.50

brand: unknown
purchase price: $

* I know this necklace was probably mass produced, but I love the handmade artisan feel to it *

brand: unknown
purchase price: $4.00
*Again, I don't know if this bangle is one of a kind, but I like to pretend it is ;) *
brand: Charlotte Russe
purchase price: $4.00


brand: H&M
purchase price: $7.99

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