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Friday, September 28, 2012

This is a throw away post, I'm just going to say that up front. There is nothing exceptionally fashion'y about it, but I thought the photo sesh was funny enough to share with you. This look I am featuring is me on an extremely plain day. A day where I set my alarm to 6 pm (that's not a typo), my hair had more powder in it than one of George Washington's wigs and I just did not want my picture taken. My husband talked me into shooting these before I headed off to work, and as you will see, he had a bit of fun with them. As he was taking the pictures I was describing to him how so often I think I am looking sexy and hot in my pictures and then I see the film. I feel like one of these memes.....

Okay, so maybe I'm not that bad, but you catch my drift... not all my pictures today are bad, but I hope you get a laugh ;)

Total Outfit Cost: $55.42
Estimated Retail: $372.78
 the "pretty" pose


brand: Old Navy
purchase price: $11.99
purchased from:Old Navy
estimated retail: $19.94
Get Yours Here

the "I smiled so hard I gave myself a lazy eye" pose

brand: Zara
purchase price: $5.50
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail:$59.90

the "does this look hot? bleh" pose

the "(insert horse noise)" pose


brand: Xhilaration
purchase price: $4.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail:$19.99

* Did you know, Target donates a ton of unsold merchandise to Goodwills across the country? Check it out, it's new at a used price ;) *

the "look at me, I'm excited" pose

....and we're back to normal photos

brand: Banana Republic
purchase price: $9.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $250.00

{palm bracelet}
brand: Slimskii
purchase price: $22.95 +shipping
purchased from: Slimskii
estimated retail: $22.95
Get Yours Here

I splurged on this palm bracelet. I spent way more than I ever would have considered, but let me tell you why. When I did the Project Style competition a couple weeks ago, Jeannie Mai had one on. I was captivated by it all day because I have never seen an accessory like it. I immediately hopped on the internet to track one down and there are almost none! Seriously, without exaggerating, I found 6, yes SIX palm bracelets in the whole world wide web! Maybe I'm not searching by the right name, but If there are only six styles available, I had to own one.

You might think this sounds superficial or cheesy, but there is a rush of adrenaline I get from owning something before everybody else. Yes, I copied Jeannie Mai, but she's the only person I've ever seen one on. What can I say, I'm a geek that way.

The picture isn't that great, but you can see what I am talking about.

And.. Nicole Scherzinger has one too, which she wore on the X Factor. I'm telling you, these haven't caught on big yet, but I think they're going too!!

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Lisa said...

This is a hilarious post! I appreciate knowing that I'm not the only one who has numerous outtakes. Love your commitment to being thrifty!

Anonymous said...

I like your "look at me, I'm excited" photo. It's cute! And that bracelet is really cool. It's like the knuckle rings that don't go past your second knuckle. And now it's bracelets that don't get past your palm. LOL. Get it? Palm. Yes, the weekend hits and I go all crazy on the puns. Have a good weekend! <3


Danielle Wallace said...

Oh I love the palm bracelet! I may or may not be searching it on eBay right now... ;) And i didn't know target donated to goodwill! The goodwill in my area would mark up the prices just because of that. Lame, right?

<3 Danielle

My said...

So cute!!! love that post, so now I follow you, would love if you followed me back:)

Alex said...

my goodness, you are too cute! I love that you focus on having an attainable look! I get so sick of blogs where girls are wearing beautiful balenciaga bags or adorable marc jacobs maryjanes... it is far more inspiring to see what real girls do with their looks!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

You're so adorable! And I love that you are rocking the black and blue again!

Madame Chic Bcn said...

Helo dear! Following you back on GFC!! BTW what a funny post!! LOL
I wish we would have Goodwill here in Spain!!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Haha...I definitely think my poses look good and then I see the photo...not so good. I like your "lazy eye" pose. And I've never seen a palm bracelet before! Really interesting!

Julia said...

I could definitely see the palm bracelet catching on! They're pretty neat!

I love these different faces! I know them very well from when I'm trying to get photos taken of me and I'm not 100% in the mood but know that if I don't take the darn picture then I won't have anything to post! haha!

By the way, I like that fact about Target donating clothes to Goodwill. I had no idea! And I'm glad they do that :)


Kinu said...

Oh, my GOSH! Palm bracelet! I totally want one now, too. Definitely the kind of quirky object I can see my high school self wearing ... and that's a good thing! ;)

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I like the palm bracelet... thats an interesting take on a standard bracelet. I however am shocked at that duck-mouth pic you found! I hope that isnt real and that someone just made that in photoshop. Wow! LOL.

xo Teresa

jhonathan said...

the blue color combination of clothes is not a bad idea. she is looking beautiful wearing this dress.