Los Angeles Fashion Week: Madisonpark Collective

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Last week was a major week for fashion in Los Angeles, it was LA's version of Fashion Week. Although the grandeur of LA fashion week isn't anywhere close to that of New York, Milan or Paris, it is still the place to be for fashion lovers alike. I personally have never attended fashion week in any city, but through some trial and error, I figured out how to RSVP for some of the shows. I had plans to attend 4-5 shows last week, but I developed an overwhelming head cold. I was only able to attend one show, but hey that's better than none!

Next year I will definitely do better and who knows, maybe I'll make some appearances at some of the other Fashion Weeks that happen around the country or world... who knows what the future holds ;)

I was honestly really bummed though that I couldn't bring you more coverage from LA fashion week, but then Mr. Trey Alligood III sent me an email with a ton of images from his show that I missed! I was so excited to see all his garments, and the images are much better than I could have ever captured!

So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the Madisonpark Collective Spring/Summer 2013 collection. The man behind this collection is Trey Alligood III. Trey was a Broadway star before he turned to men's fashion nine years ago. I have to say, I am pretty clueless when it comes to men's fashion, it all looks like jeans, tees and jackets to me. I don't see the diversity or the intrigue from it, but I am trying to learn.

When I was looking at Madisonpark's recap of the show last week, I have to say, for the first time I was actually captivated by menswear. The clothing in this collection looks wearable and it actually looks like heterosexual men would wear it! I'm sorry, but I really don't understand the metro-sexual male very well, seeing as how the only man in my life lives in flip flops and shorts. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for my husband to have better fashion sense, and I'd love to be able to convince him to dress better, but the problem is, he thinks designer men's fashion is for gay men.  My husband is in constant fear that my fashion choices for him are going to get him hit on in West Hollywood (I'd laugh if that did happen). Back to Madisonpark, this collection is truly something I could see my husband and all my guy friends wearing (gay and straight)!

To quote the press release:

"This season, the collection is entitled "Breaking Free"... The inspiration stems from the hard times we have all faced in the last few years, and the hope that spring, will be the dawn of a new beginning. Supima cotton, open weave knits, fine gauge cashmere, lightweight chambray fabrics and soft pastel colors symbolize that hope.  Geometric prints symbolize a new structure for the future, and heavily washed distressed denim symbolizes the hardships, pain, struggles we have endured, and the passion and determination it's taken to get us where we are today."

My favorite aspect of this collection was the overall lightness of the it. I love the largely pastel color palette and the airiness of the fabrics. My husband's top requests in clothing, is that, they be soft and not restricting. I would bet money I could get him into 90% of the collection, excluding the pink jeans and tank tops :D I also love that Madisonpark Collective is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles. I am a big supporter of local products!

Here are some highlights from the show....

If you're curious, Madisonpark Collective can be purchased at Ron Herman, Fred Segal, Atrium NYC, Planet Blue, Halls, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks, and numerous boutiques worldwide as well as www.MadisonparkCollective.com

What do you think of the collection?
How wearable do you think it is for everyday men?

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My said...

Wow great pants! the last pair is my fav.
I have 2 awards for you on my blog!


Unknown said...

Awesome pics! I love the collection:)


Misfit Librarian said...

Stopping by to say hi from the Almost Friday Thursday blog hop!

Those pants are awesome. I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear something like that. :-D

Misfit Librarian

Living for his glory said...

Love the hoodies and pants!!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I didn't know LA had a fashion week until recently! I was invited to one show but I was kinda scared to go by myself... Next year maybe!

Tanya said...

I love this! It's good to see some male fashion on blogs for a change.


Unknown said...

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