Best & Worst Fashion: AMA's 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

I don't usually write about fashion at award shows, but that's usually because I hate 80% of the attire. No on wants to read one loathing review after another. However, I have been surfing the web this morning and I am pleasantly surprised! I love the fashion choices for Music Awards over say, the Globes, because I feel like the celebs are able to take more risks with their style choices. But... just because they took a risk doesn't mean I won't ridicule them for those choices anyways ;)

Let's start with the Celebs who caught my eye in a positive light. I am so pleased to see so many on the Best Dressed list. It was definitely a great night for fashion! Photo's are courtesy of Huff Post Style & Hollywood Life


Nicki Minaj
I found Nicki's picture on a couple worst dressed lists, but I am actually a fan of this look! A few celebs have sported a bright chartreuse frock on the red carpet and I am a fan! I think if she would have smiled and wiped that stank-face off, she might not have been so harshly judged!

I was a bit surprised to see Psy on a couple worst dressed lists as well. I felt like this look was very authentic to his style. I personally would love to wear these sequin pants with a leather blazer!!

Stacy Keibler
Oh my gosh do I love this dress! If I owned this dress I would wear it to the grocery store shamelessly! It is so intricate and eye catching, a home run in my opinion!

Carrie Underwood
Carrie has been a favorite of mine ever since Idol. She rarely misses on the red carpet and I feel like she always chooses dresses true to her own personal style. I think she is simply stunning in this gorgeous gown. I don't even mind the high collar, which I normally I hate!

Gwen Stefani
Gwen makes another winner! I love that she didn't wear a dress, which is the obvious choice for an awards show. I love that she has maintained her funky style without going over the top. I feel like she has refined her style so much and I am thoroughly enjoying it! It was definitely the night of ornate attire and Gwen gets a 10!

Taylor Swift
I know some people are sick of T-swifty, but I am a fan! I just adore her and despite tabloid headlines, I think she's very genuine. She has worn gold a few times on the red carpet, but I don't think she looks redundant at all! I love that she went with a mini, because usually she's a bit more modest. I love the styling, and everything about this look is on point.
Jenny McCarthy
My #1 best dressed for the AMA's 2012 is none other than Jenny McCarthy! I am flabbergasted by this amazing sequin maxi skirt! I love that the slit is not ridiculously high, like we've been seeing. I love the simplicity of the black tube and that freaking awesome tiger belt! I am a sucker for animal accessories these days, and how fab is that belt? Let's not forget that Jenny is 40, I want to be this HOT when I am her age! Shit I want to be this hot now!


Jennifer Morrison
Jennifer is the first victim on my worst dressed list. She's not a glaring fashion violator, but I hate the sleeves on this dress. Had she worn this dress to the Globes or the Emmy's I might have let it slide. I also think the dress is way too mature for her. She is young and should not be wearing a dress meant for Cloris Leachman.

Jordon Sparks
I really wanted to like this dress, but I can't stand the mesh neckline and stripe cut outs. I like the sheer sleeves but the mesh cut outs mixed with the bold print is too much! This dress is just over designed in my opinion.

Justin Bieber
I HATE DROP CROTCH PANTS, especially on men! Justin Beiber is a cute boy and then he wears drop crotch, quilted leggings? Seriously Biebs? Please someone put him in regular jeans and he's will be adorbs!

Lucy Hale
Lucy probably would have skated by, if she would have effing steamed her dress! I would have over looked her Forever 21 -esque Bubble dress (which is so out of style), had anyone on her team chosen to iron it! At first I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and maybe the bottom got wrinkled in the limo, but look right below her bust line, that dress was just unfolded! C'mon Lucy, these are styling tips 101!

Will. I. Am.
I know I am not the most versed in mens fashion, but what the heck is he wearing on his head? His hat is so atrocious, I couldn't even appreciate his leather cardigan. I also don't understand why men wear over-sized garments, but we'll leave that up to a difference in taste.

Cyndi Lauper
Just because she became a music star in the 80's does not give her a free pass to live in that decade. Yes, 80's inspired fashion is back, but you would think someone who lived through the decade would be able to put a more modern twist on it. I mean, what the hell is that plaid sleeve that turns into a lapel?  This receives a giant AWFUL in my book!

Christina Aguilera

Christina is my absolute WORST dressed of the evening! As soon as I saw this dress I was thrust back in time to my own high school prom! I wore a dress strikingly similar to this 10 years ago! Not to mention I paid $20 at Ross for mine! Maybe someone without a personal connection to a dress like this wouldn't grade her so harsh. But Girl, this sucks! On a positive note, I do like her hair.

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AubreeNoelle said...

I totally agree! I went on a Rant last night about the biebs signature's all he wears and he looks idiotic! He would be /20% less annoying with normal people pants! Lol I loved Taylor's hair and makeup! And Christina....ugh, I'm so over Christina.

Great post :)

Unknown said...

I thought I'd do a AMA post too. Maybe. I dunno. I have things to say but I feel it'll be overdone.

xo Ashley

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Gwen always looks amazing no matter what. Christina on the other hand... yikes!!


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Alison @ Get Your Pretty On said...

Usually I don't relate much to celeb fashion but I totally love Lucy Hale's look. And I tend to agree with you about liking Niki Minaj's chartreuse dress too. Loud but not overdone! said...

Love ur blog dear! Would you like to follow each other?

PS: Now you can READ my blog also in SPANISH!



Gracey the Giant said...

Bieber is ridiculous and I don't know what's going on with Jordan Sparks' dress. Ugh. I loved Niki's and Gwen's looks though. Great picks for both best and worst!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Agreed. Agree. Agreed. I love that you liked Nicki's dress because I've heard mixed reviews too, but I loooved it! And ditto about Christina, at least her hair is finally looking nice.


Sarah Hulbert Style said...

Loving Carrie and Taylor's looks. Both are fresh, modern, and elegant. Both chose a gorg color palette!! ~Sarah

Cody Doll said...

There are soooo many things I want to say (not to you, to the stars) but since they can't hear me and it won't matter guess i'll say: I think you did a good job on your picks.

renae said...

Tori! hi! my favs here are Carrie [color amazing], Taylor [makeup; natural lips and smudged eyes = amazing] and Stacy [of course, love the sequins, hahaha]. the worse are ya, pretty bad. why are the guys dressing like they live in outer space? but i didn't know Christina Aguilera was her! i do love her hair like that!!!!

Heather said...

Carrie and Taylor are GORGEOUS! I didn't get to watch the AMAs so I am so glad you posted about this!

Unknown said...

omg nicki minaj did look good!!!! that color is amazing. & I'm all about t swift's dress. She always gets bad comments because she doesn't change it up often but honestly this dress is perfect!

xo Jackie

cmichellestyles said...

I LOVE GWEWS ensemble! SHE looks amazing! That's totally something I would wear! Carrie is just a knock out!!!

Style To Envy said...

Agree with your picks Gwen so unique and poor Jordan Sparks I wanted to like it but seriously just bad...stopping by from real girl glam


Ashley said...

Nicki Minaj actually looks like a real person. Crazy!! :-)

Christina Aguilara just was bad with everything the other night...she needs to take a step back and get her priorities straight.

Kaleigh said...

bahaha this cracked me up! I have to agree, I love Nicki Minaj's dress, but I actually like Jennifer Morrison's dress as well! Maybe if she didn't have that old lady hair going on she'd better :)

Nikki said...

I'm not a fan of Nicki Minaj so I usually never like her choices.. But I agree with everyone else on your best dressed! That Stacy Keibler.. she's so gorgeous! Great round-up! :)
Nikki at

Unknown said...

I personally love taylor swift! She's a beautiful gal inside and out. And, justin bieber really needs to stop wearing those pants. They are seriously ridiculous!
Anyway, I'm a new follower from the followers to friends blog party. =)

Anonymous said...

I can´t give a opinion about dresses, I´m not a woman, so I don´t care what a girl wears I think the most important is that girls look great, and in my opinion Jennifer Morrison and Gwen were the hottest girls at AMA, they looked sexy from head to toe, they were sexier than the other celebrities.

TonyaHarison said...

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