Birchbox v.s. Glam Bag

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have heard me raving about my new sample suppliers. I wrote about my first Birchbox purchase a couple weeks ago, here. After I started posting pictures of my October Birchbox, one of my friends told me about ipsy (formerly known as "My Glam Bag"). Of course I had to check it out too. If you are still confused about what the heck I am talking about, allow me to explain....

Birchbox and ipsy are two companies who assemble a monthly assortment of beauty samples and then send them to you for $10/month. Before you begin receiving gift boxes/bags, you fill out a little survey and each box is tailored to your specific taste. I think it is super exciting, because you never know what you are going to get! Thus far, I have received 2 Birchboxes and 1 ipsy bag. I will drop one of the subscriptions after the new year, but I wanted to see which one I liked best! I have to say, I am really leaning towards ipsy at the moment. My first Glam Bag was awesome and outdid both Birchboxes I have gotten. I will keep you updated on which company I keep, and which one I toss.

However, today I have a review of both of them for you! Let's start with my November Birchbox. I have linked all the products, so just click any of the ones you want to hear more about.

: I have not been given any incentive to write this post. I purchased these on my own, and these are my own unfiltered thoughts ;)

I received the "Put a Pin in it" color, which is a metallic pink, there are a few other colors they offer as well. I have to say at $8/bottle I am not at all moved by this polish. If I won't spend the money on Essie, I won't spend it on Color Club's custom collection either.

What a long name for dry shampoo! I am a big time fan of dry shampoo, so I was really excited to try this. Bad news folks, the smell is so over powering, it made me choke. I really wanted to love this product but the scent is so potent. Not to mention, the powder was really hard to disperse throughout my hair and ended up all in one spot.

3. Stella Cadente Miss Me Eau de Parfum
I'm batting 0 for 1,000 here because this perfume smells like my grandma. At first you get sweet scents of baby powder, but then you're left with more of a rest home scent. Okay, maybe I am being a bit harsh, but it's not a scent I would ever wear or recommend to anyone under the age of 60. As I write this I keep smelling my hand willing it to smell better, and it doesn't. 

I really do try to eat healthy but all the "healthy" granola bars I have found taste like dirt. Sadly, I am not a fan of the SOYJOY brand either. Perhaps it suits other people's taste buds better, but mine say nay. 

5. ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara The last and only sample in the box I liked was this mascara! I especially liked that it is full size and not a miniature sample size. The thing that is nice about this mascara is that it gives a really natural look. I would almost describe it  as "feather-like lashes." It isn't heavy or clumpy, it adds just the right amount of color and length. This is definitely a daytime mascara which will complement a more natural beauty routine.

1. Starlet: Intense Eyeliner
First off, I am more of a liquid eyeliner girl myself, but I was impressed with this pencil liner. ipsy gave me a full size one too, not a little squatty one! This eyeliner goes on really smooth and lasts all day, without smudging. I also have to say that it is very reasonably priced at $11; I pay $9 for my Covergirl eyeliner.

2. bareMinerals: Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
I love the color of this lipgloss and it has a cooling effect too. My issue, it's sticky, like gloss should be, but I don't like lipgloss for that very reason. If you don't mind thick lipgloss, then this is a great product, but it's not something I will use.

3. Nailtini: Millionaire Nail Lacquer
Talk about sparkle! This nail polish takes glitter to a whole new level. It's a rose gold base color with gold and teal colored strip glitter. One coat will fully cover each nail. It's fun and I really enjoy it, but it's a b*tch to get off, be warned!

4. Benefit: They're Real Mascara
My single most favorite sample I have ever received is this mascara!!!! I love the unique brush and the color is so rich. This mascara separates all your lashes leaving them looking super long. The special brush allows you to coat each lash without clumping too! I will be purchasing more of this as soon as my sample runs dry.

5. theBalm: Meet Matt(e) Eye Shadow
Another new found love, matte eye shadow! Ever wonder how celebs get the most perfect smokey eye? Well this eye shadow will definitely help you to achieve a super sultry look! I am an oily gal so anything matte I love! Sometimes I feel like shimmery shadows only enhance how oily my skin becomes as the day wanes. This matte shadow allows me to look a little more put together just a tad longer. I will be adding it to my Christmas list!

ipsy sends a different cosmetic bag each month in addition to the samples!

Okay, so it would seem that I am pretty sold on the ipsy Glam Bag over the Birchbox according to my review... I definitely am leaning that way, but I don't want to give up on Birchbox just yet. I am having a lot of fun with both companies and I will continue using both for a few more months until I am 100% satisfied with one over the other.

Both of these would make amazing Christmas presents for yourself or any lady in your family. Each company offers monthly subscriptions or you can purchase a yearly one. You have total freedom to cancel at any time too! I just got my mom hooked on ipsy and she is receiving her own Glam Bag every month!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, this is such a good idea. I wonder if they ship to Canada? How was the Benefit mascara? x


B. said...

Have you heard of Beauty test Tube? Its a itte more expensive, but you get more items and arger sizes. Its about $30 a box and you get 4 boxes a year. I love it. and I just got my first birch box today and i love it!!

MILEX said...

love it

Dorien said...

I always really really like reviews of subscription boxes but I'm always so jealous too haha. Nothing ships to me! Based on the items, I would pick ipsy too :) xo