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Sunday, November 18, 2012

In the past few months I have had quite a few friends apologize for copying something I wore or wrote about. So, I wanted to write a whole post dedicated to “copying.” You see, I aim to be a trendsetter and therefore I see copying as the ultimate form of flattery. I write my blog every day in hopes that someone will want to mimic what I do, I would not put myself out there if that was not the case. I want to be a fashion icon, and to be an icon, people need to believe in you and want to emulate you. I do not mean to sound vain, but I want people to copy me, I want them to love what I love. My goal is to expose women to new things and ideas so they may try them, even duplicate them in a better way!  I too have my own sources of inspiration; some of you have been so at one point or another. In reality, no idea is unique; technically every thought is a variation of another.

Einstein once wrote, “Creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” and Pablo Picasso said, “good artists copy, great artist steal.” I am not condoning stealing, but just remember it is 100% okay to copy my fashion choices. I would love for you to be able to take an idea I have shared and turn it into something that suits your own personality! I think it is supremely important to not just duplicate someone else’s style, rather learn how to make it your own.

What’s funny to me is as I am writing this I am thinking back on the type of person I was in high school. I remember going to school and being so annoyed when another girl came to school in an outfit I owned. I don’t think anyone was intentionally copying me back then, I mean Wet Seal was the only cool store we had, so naturally everyone shopped there. Still at 16, it was maddening. I remember when we used to gossip about so-and-so copying this person or that… So juvenile. Now a decade later I love when someone duplicates my style or tells me how I’ve inspired them, it’s what I live for. I want to share ideas, not hide them.  This is your open invitation to copy anything I put on my blog or anything you see me wear, I welcome it!  All I ask in return is that you share your inspiration with people, tell them who Tori Thompson is ;)

Total Outfit Cost: $30.77
Estimated Retail: $121.54

brand: Forever 21
purchase price: $4.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail:$12.80

{leather skirt}
brand: H and M
purchase price: $10.00
purchased from: Plato's Closet
estimated retail: $29.95

brand:Cathy Jean
purchase price:$7.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: $59.99

purchase price: $3.99
purchased from: The Goodwill
estimated retail: unknown
brand:Forever 21
purchase price:$3.80
purchased from: Forever 21
estimated retail: $3.80


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Unknown said...

Found you on Yolo Monday - so cute! Thanks for sharing :)


Unknown said...

Love the skirt and top. And the belt's sooo shiny!

xo Ashley

Ashley said...

Yeah, I think it's great when people find inspiration from other blogs....that's what this thing is all about right? It's great that you feel flattered and not annoyed!

Unknown said...

You really a thrift chic! :)

I agree that copying is a form of flattery but of course they have to credit you especially if they copied your words! Just saying :) And for the style, it would have been great if others copy what you like and how they love your style!


Carly said...

I almost bought that skirt, it's so cute!!!!


Brenna said...

Oh that skirt is so much fun! Great style!!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Love this!!! I am obsessed with that top!

Beauty By Crystal said...

Girl you have the most amazing thrift stores in your area! I WISH I could find deals like that where I am at. Love this outfit you look great as always :)

pretty little things said...

what an adorable outfit! xo

Rachel said...

You look great it your outfit! And I was just thinking to myself this afternoon--because I also write outfit posts sometimes...and because I tend to be known for slightly unusual fashion choices...."I bet no one will ever be using one of my outfits for inspiration."

I'm still pretty sure that no one will ever want to copy me, but hey, stranger things could happen!

Deme Crinion said...

I've been so drawn to black and gold lately and you managed to make it look so sophisticated but still playful here. Love all three ways you styled the pieces!

Aimee said...

Totally love your skirt! It's so cute yet funky x

Penniless Socialite said...

Those are some great Goodwill finds! I love how you remixed the skirt with the plaid top!
Penniless Socialite

anna lizbeth said...

love the shirt and love the post! xo

Lindsey A. Turner said...

cute outfit! I love the touches of gold! I bought that skirt for full price at H&M- so great find! Visiting from WIWW! Happy Thanksgiving!


Katie Did What said...

Love your nails!! And I agree- imitation is, after all, the greatest form of flattery! ;)


Unknown said...

I am visiting from WIWW and really needed this post today. I have been a bit annoyed because of a 'real time' friend who copies everything I post on my blog and everything I wear. I have been harboring a bit of anger/pettiness and I am FAR from high school age!! I NEEDED to read that it is a form of flattery and be reminded...and I want to thank you for this today. Blessings and happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

love that skirt!!! and the price!

Would love to have you stop by and say hello at :) happy Thanksgiving! xo

DC in STYLE said...

Your style is great and I'm not surprised that people try to copy your looks. Love the black top-looks very cute on you!