Winter Boot Guide

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I know in quite a few places, people are already feeling winter's arrival. Here in California though, we've only had a couple weeks of relief from scorching summer temperatures. You may have already started purchasing your winter footwear, but I haven't even thought about it yet...

There are a ton of boot trends out right now, but I am just going to highligh the major trends, and my most favorite! You may already have a few of these styles in your closet from past years. I have a pair of Rocket Dog motocycle boots I bought 3 years ago and now, they're back in style. I know I am a clothes and shoe hoarder, but I love when I hang on to things and they come back in style... saves me more money that way!!

A little tip I just learned for you ladies size 8 and smaller.... Did you know that a child's size 6 often times is the same as a womens 8? I tested the theory on a pair of Stewart Weitzman boots last weekend. Sure enough I can fit into a kids size 5-6!! This is an AWESOME discovery, because kids shoes are so much cheaper than adult shoes!!

The first boot trend I want to talk about is the Equestrian or Riding Boot. These boots are tall and usually form fitting. My girlfriend actually does Dressage and has a pair of real riding boots. Hers cost $300 but these three are much cheaper! All the boots I have for you today are from Lulu's, Forever 21 or Go Jane. Click the 1, 2, 3 to be linked to each boot.

Here is one of my favorite boot trends, fur trim boots! I am a sucker for faux fur on anything, so paired with my favorite boot, it a bonus! I have to say, I hate UGGS and people wear them way to often in LA. I think the fur trim boots are a better alternative to those clunky snow shoes! (unless you actually live in the snow). I think the leopard ones are going on my Christmas list!

Lace up boots are hugely popular right now. You can find any style boot with laces, and I am kind of digging it. Lace up boots definitely have that retro almost "Little House on the Prairie" vibe.


If you're tired of 80's trends, well here's a 90's flashback for you. Motorcycle boots are back! Although this style boot was originally designed for function, women and men have been making a fashion statement out of them for a few decades now. These boots aren't just for a punk rockers either, I have seen them with frilly dresses too!


My all time favorite footwear trend: Wedges! I don't care what style you give them to me in, I love wedges!! I actually bought a pair of wedge boots a couple years ago, but they weren't really popular then. I am glad that my premature fashion sense is finally paying off a bit. Although my husband thinks wedges are the most ridiculous shoe, he's never tried to wear a 5 inch stiletto on cobblestone!

Finally a trend my Dad can get behind. My Dad is straight up, an authentic American Cowboy, and I grew up in cowboy boots! Western inspired boots have slowly been making a mark on the fashion industry. This year however, I have discovered a multitude of retailers carrying this style. The gray one's in the middle must become mine asap!!!


The last boot trend I'm highlighting, is the bootie. In all reality this is not a new trend to this season or even to this year. I have been sporting the bootie for a couple years now, I think I will be investing in some colored ones though this season!

Will you be purchasing any new boots this year or will you recycle some from last year?

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My said...

Wow lovin all the boots in this post! want it all:)

Unknown said...

These boots are so fun and cute for winter love them all!!

Unknown said...

I love the riding boot selection :) My favourite is the third pair.
Stop by and enter my fabulous giveaway :)

Unknown said...

I love almost all of the but the seafoam fringe ones are my absolute favorite! Definitely will be picking those up soon!

xo Ashley

eliz said...

I usually save boots for about two years...I kinda rotate where one year I buy brown boots (2-3 pairs)...the next year I buy black boots (2-3 pairs)...haha