T'was the night before Christmas

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Eve! Some of you may have noticed my blog has been lacking content the past week... Well that's because I have been home visiting family and preparing for Christmas. I grew up in a very small town in Central California, and parents live in the boonies of the town and neither of them have wireless internet (there aren't even any WiFi providers). So, on top of being busy, I don't even have an internet connection to stay linked up with the rest of the world. I have been going to Starbucks and my Mom's works to steal internet for the past few days. Needless to say, I haven't been communicating on here much. I don't think you all mind, as I bet you're preparing for your own Christmas gatherings. I hope you all have an amazing holiday no matter your traditions or religions! We had a little family get-together yesterday at my Mom's, now today I head to my Dad's family and tomorrow we spend the day with my in-laws. Here are few images showing what I've been up to.

My baby brother (Tanner) went with me to steal wifi from Starbucks. He's 13 and was very pleased to have his venti latte and youtube at his fingertips. He was not enthused to have me taking pictures of him.

This is my Mama! Beasley loves to cuddle her when she'll sit down for longer than 5 minutes. My mom has a tendency to always be up and cleaning or cooking.

This is my baby sister, Cassidy. She and I made some sugar cookies and she was having a blast trying to see how much frosting she could put on each cookie.

.... and this is why you don't let teenage boys wrap presents. My sister and I fired him from helping!

Teaching Cass bad habits while driving... She was taking pictures of herself and I photo bombed her while we were driving down the road.. at least my eyes are on the road.

The Freudian Turkey! My mom and I were having fun with the turkey before we cooked it. I was utterly grossed out when she told me my grandparents eat the neck... yuck!! We threw it away after our photo op :D P.S. that is the neck of the turkey and it was inserted into the neck hole, so there is nothing perverted about this image....

This was my first ever turkey cooking experience. We apparently cooked it too fast, even though we followed the directions. And we cooked it breast side down and all the dark meat fell off the bone. I joked with my grandpa when he asked why we didn't cook it breast side up and I told him we couldn't find the nipples :D All in All, it still tasted good!

Tanner and Cassidy showing off their ugly Christmas Sweaters

Everyone sporting my DIY ugly Christmas Sweaters! I made every single one of these! They were all good sports, especially my mom with the booby tassels :D


TheTinyHeart said...

The family photo of everyone in their ugly Christmas sweaters is awesome! Merry Christmas!

The Tiny Heart

KT said...

Merry, merry Christmas, Tori! It looks like you are having a BLAST!

BTW, that turkey pic (the first one) is TERRIFYING! ;)